5 Best Late Hero Games on Mobile Legends

In the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, the most exciting and exciting moment is the Late Game. Yes, at this moment you can be a winner, or even lose because of a comeback from the enemy. Well, now you don't need to be afraid anymore when entering the end of the battle. Here's a list of the best late-game heroes in Mobile Legends. Come see.

5 Best Late Hero Games on Mobile Legends 

1. Natalia

Why is the hero Natalia very suitable to be played when Late Game? Because this hero is very clever to hide and directly attack the enemy.

In addition, Natalia also has skills that frighten enemies when they are in the Late Game.

2. Argus

Argus is a hero who is able to replenish his blood. Yes, this hero also has an Ulti skill that can suck the enemy's blood (Lifestealer) and is very scary when released in the Late Game.

In addition, this hero also gets a buff in the latest patch, so he has an ultime skill that can issue scary attacks.

3. Miya

Who doesn't know Miya? This Hero Marksman has many Land of Dawn users.
Yes, he has deadly skills and is able to kill enemies easily using skill combos and Basic Attack.

4. Hayabusa

 Hero Assassin Hayabusa is terrible if the build items are ready. Not to mention that this hero has the skill to run away or chase enemies easily.

In addition, these ultimate and hero skills can easily finish off enemies when in the Late Game.

5. Freya

Why hero Freya? Yes, this hero has the Crowd Control skill that can trap and immediately kill enemies.

Not only that, but Basic Attack from Freya can also eliminate a lot of enemy blood. Suitable for use in Late Games.