5 Camping Tips for Reaching Chicken Dinner

Each PUBG Mobile player certainly has a different way of playing. There is a riot from the beginning of the game and there are those who prefer to play quietly by sneaking throughout the game.

5 Camping Tips for Reaching Chicken Dinner

For those who like to play calm, you certainly often do camping techniques at PUBG. Camping is a shooter game term for players who are always hiding in a location. While hiding, the player will wait for your opponent to be defeated.

Well, what should you do while camping at PUBG? Come on, see the tips!

1. Use the Weapons You Master and Collect the Bullets

Camping usually requires you to always be ready to shoot enemies at a distance. Targeting distant enemies is certainly not as easy as when you are dealing with a close enemy. That is why you need to prepare yourself with sniper weapons that you are good at.

In addition, to equip yourself with weapons that are mastered, do not forget to save bullets that fit your weapons as much as possible. Do not until when you see and aim at the enemy, the bullet suddenly runs out and you don't have any more reserves.

2. Save Different Types of Weapons

Sniper weapons are really needed when camping. However, that doesn't mean you only keep all the sniper type weapons during the match. In addition to sniper weapons, you are advised to take weapons type assault rifle or SMG as a second weapon.

Although you will often find long-range battles, it does not mean you don't prepare yourself with close and medium-range battles. When compared with sniper weapons, assault rifles or SMGs will be more effectively used for close and medium-range combat.

3. Find the Best Location to Hide

The main requirement to be able to do camping techniques is to hide as well as possible. You can use various locations as hiding places. In fact, you can also hide in open land, as long as you can get the right trees, rocks or bushes to take cover.

However, it is highly recommended that you hide in a building. In addition to your presence being more covered up, the building can also keep you from being hit or run over by enemy cars.

4. Know When to Move

One of the elements that make the battle royale game feel intense is the map that continues to shrink over time. Therefore, you should regularly check the map to determine whether your location is in a safe zone or not. If it turns out your location is outside the safe zone, move immediately and find another location to hide.

5. Must Move Quickly in a crisis situation

Another requirement to be able to do good camping is that you must always be calm and not do a lot of movement. If you can hide well, the enemy may not be aware of your existence at all.

However, a situation that is too calm can also make you drift and let your guard down. When you think you're really safe, suddenly an enemy has found you. Well, in that situation, you must be able to move quickly to avoid the enemy. Your vigilance is really needed when camping.

Those are some tips that you can do when doing camping techniques at PUBG Mobile. Have you done all of these steps or do you have any other more effective way?