5 Facts about Lylia, Little Mage Tricked Up

The battlefield of the Land of Dawn Mobile Legends is the arrival of a new Hero. He is Lylia, a Mage who has the main ability to push and poke.

5 Facts about Lylia, Little Mage Tricked Up

Armed with a series of painful attack skills, Lylia can become one of the most productive killer heroes. As a new Hero, his potential is quite large to awaken the Mage meta.

In this article, I will review some facts about Lylia related to her potential in the battlefield. These facts can be used as a reference to measure their strengths and weaknesses. Please refer to the following description.

1. Ultimate Skills that Fit a Variety of Conditions

One of the most terrible abilities of Lylia is the ultimate skill - Black Shoe. Because the skills adapted from Weaver's Time Lapse skill in Dota 2 can be used in a number of game conditions.

The most common conditions used most often are defense and attack. In a defensive condition, Lylia can regain her lost cellphone in the duration of four seconds ago.

On the other hand, in attack conditions, Lylia can maximize the number of Angry Gloom stack skills to launch further attacks.

After use, he will get an additional speed of motion of 40% for two seconds. The additional speed of movement will be very useful for rotating attacks or escaping from positions that are not profitable.

Despite having a simple effect mechanism, Black Shoe can be a determining factor if used at the right momentum.

2. Combo Streak Attack

Lylia has the ability to attack from the Magic Shockwave and Angry Bloom skills. Between the two, Angry Bloom became the most important attack skill to use.

The Angry Bloom skill can be used in two ways. Both of them will cause a consecutive attack effect on the specified area.

The first way, we can accumulate five (maximum) Angry Bloom in a certain area that we want. After being stacked or ordered, we can use the Magic Shockwave skill to blow Angry Bloom in a row.

The second way, we can blow up an Angry Gloom to produce Shadow Energy. After that, we can use Angry Bloom skills periodically in the Shadow Energy area.

Automatically, the new Angry Bloom that has been thrown will explode. In both ways, Lylia can do attacks with very high intensity, so that it can produce a very large level of damage in combat.

3. Very Fast Fighting Style

One of Lylia's superior points that are quite deadly is the speed of motion. There are two capabilities that can provide an additional speed of motion, namely Shadow Energy (passive) and Black Shoe (active).

In the Shadow Energy skill, Lylia gets an additional movement speed of 15%. Every time Shadow Energy is increased with the Angry Bloom skill, he can gain an additional 5% movement speed. Then, the Black Shoe skill can also increase its movement speed by 40% after use.

The additional speed of movement will be very influential in Lylia's style of play. With a high total speed of movement, he can attack the enemy in a safe area by doing consecutive combos (Magic Shockwave and Angry Bloom skills) very quickly.

The speed of that fighting style makes each Lylia attack very difficult to predict. In addition, the enemy will also find it very difficult to read the tempo of the game and the direction of motion.

4. Difficult to Lock the Enemy

Lylia seems to be a very scary Mage. With a high level of damage, continuous attacks and agility in motion, he can become a powerful "destructive weapon" in the Land of Dawn.

Unfortunately, Lylia is very difficult to lock in enemy movements. Because, he does not have crowd-control effects, such as stun or knock-up. The only crowd-control effect he has is slow. The slow effect is deemed insufficient to lock in enemy movements.

With the lack of ability to lock enemies, Lylia's players are forced to rely on the game's instinct to determine the direction of attack. These conditions cause the style of attack will be very difficult to predict.

On the other hand, we can maximize it by combining it with several heroes that have crowd-control effects, such as the Minotaur or Kaja.

5. Low Defense Level

Like Mage in general, Lylia also has a low level of defense. These conditions make Lylia very easy to kill if you are in an unfavorable battle position.

Although agile because of the high speed of movement, he did not escape the possibility of crowd control. Once locked, this one Hero has a great chance to die.

These weaknesses can still be anticipated with the right play style. He must be at a safe distance for launching attacks.

With a safe attack range, he can anticipate attacks that lead to him. To play safely, we also need to ensure there is a teammate who is ready to help when the battle occurs.


Lylia can be said to have an adaptive play style. This one hero is very possible to be played in various battle conditions. These conditions make him one of the most interesting heroes, as well as being difficult to master.

With the series of facts above, at least, we can see some of the strengths and weaknesses so that we can maximize strengths and anticipate weaknesses during the fight.