5 Facts of the Falcon Bird Companion

For more than a year, PUBG Mobile has provided exciting battle royale experiences for mobile gamers. Among all the innovations presented, Tencent surprisingly brought the Pet system into this game.

5 Facts of the Falcon Bird Companion

ok, the Pet system called Companion at PUBG Mobile is finally here in season 7. Don't expect you to be able to raise many animals in this system, yeah. The thing is, Tencent just brought Falcon birds as animals that you can keep.

If you are still confused about the existence of Falcon at PUBG Mobile, let's find out the facts about this Companion first!

1. Partners in the Battle

Having a partner in duo mode or PUBG squad has become commonplace. Now, with Falcon, you can have a partner to fight even if you play in solo mode. Aside from being a partner, Falcon actually doesn't have a function that can help you in battle.

It was rumored that Falcon could help you know the whereabouts of the enemy. However, the statement turned out to be wrong, guys. Like a loyal pet, Falcon is only responsible for accompanying you during the battle, whether in solo, duo, or squad mode.

2. Invisible enemies

When accompanying you during the game, Falcon will always be perched on the shoulders of your character. The white color looks quite striking, especially if you are fighting in Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok. However, you don't need to be afraid if Falcon can expose your hiding.

Even though the color is quite striking, the Falcon that you have won't be able to be seen by the enemy. Yep, only you and the people in your squad can see Falcon's whereabouts. In addition, you can also arrange that Falcon cannot be seen by your squad colleagues and can only be seen by yourself.

3. Feed to Enlarge it

As mentioned before, Falcon serves to accompany you, like pets. As for the name of a pet, you definitely need to take care of and feed it to grow big, right? Well, that also must be done by you at PUBG.

You need to feed Falcon so that the Companion can grow big. Besides that, you can also add EXP Companion by feeding Falcon. PUBG provides special food that you can get and give to Falcon.

4. Acting Following Your Movements

PUBG is known as one of the battle royale games where the action looks quite realistic. That also applies to Falcon. Although this Companion is always perched on the shoulders of your character, there are times when he takes other actions to follow the movements of your character.

If you do certain actions such as prone, shoot, or get off the plane, Falcon will take action to align your movements. You can unlock various actions by Falcon by upgrading your Companion.

5. Spread in Various Places

To get Falcon, you have to look for it in the match. The existence of this Companion is spread in almost every map in PUBG. In Erangel, you can find it in the Pochinki church, mountains, and other locations. Then at Miramar, you can find Los Leones, El Pozo, and other locations. Then in Sanhok, you can find it in the Cave or bridge.
Most of the Falcon can be found in various high locations on the map.