5 Hero Counter Granger on Mobile Legends.

Moonton recently gave a surprise release of his latest hero in Mobile Legends. Yep, he's a Granger the Marksmans hero who has burst damage and crowd control that can make other hero users shake.

5 Hero Counter Granger on Mobile Legends.

Moreover, the last shot before Granger reloads the bullet will give a true damage effect. And, when combined with a fury switch will produce 100 percent critical and able to penetrate all kinds of defenses.
Seeing the anxiety of other hero users with the presence of Granger in the Land of Dawn. Well, I have found 5 Granger counter heroes in Mobile Legends. Come see.

 1. Helcurt

Who doesn't know the hero with the assassins classification and burst specialization with these terrible skills 2? Surely Helcurt can be an option in overthrowing Granger in seconds.

With passive skills that make silence will make Granger die of lice and can not use skills for 1-2 seconds when close to this one hero.

Not to mention blinking through skills 1 that he has can catch up to Granger who wants to escape even with a flicker. Plus Dark Night Falls which is the Ultimate of this hero makes Granger users confused because the map becomes dark.

2. Gusion

The hero who also has the classification as Assasins / Mage Class can be your choice in bulldozing Granger who has terrible burst damage from a distance.

Of course, with the dagger he has and can be used 2 times when combined with his ultimate, Granger users will not be able to escape and die quickly.

In addition, Gusion's blink can also prevent Granger mobility and movement when farming or hunting Minions in various lanes.

The speed and effectiveness of Gusion in eliminating Granger and all kinds of heroes don't need to be doubted, guys. Eits but don't forget, you have to practice and be quick in a combination of skills if not you are the soft food of the marksmans.

3. Nana

Who would have thought this Support / Mage specialization hero could be a terrible killer when using the right build. Nana's crowd control skills are a terrible thing where when the Morph is active, the opposing heroes cannot do anything for 3 seconds and become a soft meal with the ultimate possess of this little girl.

The use of build magic to optimize skills 1 and 3 can be your choice in bulldozing Granger which is a Marksmans hero which means it has a weak defense and is slow to move.

You just have to hide the morph near the opponent's buff or bush area. So when Granger will peek, he will become a penguin that is ready to be eaten easily. Terrible is not it?

4. Martis

The king of Ashura still seems to be entrenched to be one of the heroes with extraordinary damage even though he has received several nerf from Moonton regarding complaints from various other hero heroes.

With just Mortal Coil skills, you can easily herd and approach Granger without fear of being hit with the full critical damage he produces. Not to mention that his Ultimate that can be spammed twice if his enemy dies instantly would certainly be Martis superior compared to most of the other heroes in the Land of Dawn.

Plus his Ashura Teeth can catch Granger easily, so even Granger users won't dare to approach you.

5. Eudora

This hero with the classification of Mage and Burst Damage certainly has a deadly combo with the virtue of using these 2-1-3 skills to easily bulldoze Granger.

Not to mention the skills that have stuns can make Granger unable to move both in early, mid and late games.

Only with Concentrated Energy and Lightning Thruncheon will you be able to bulldoze almost any hero with the combination of skills above. Besides that, the defenses that are somewhat decent compared to other mages certainly make Eudora a step ahead of other hero mages.