5 Hero Counter X.Borg on Mobile Legends.

Land of Dawn immediately in an uproar when Moonton released the hero X.Borg in Mobile Legends. Yes, X.Borg is equipped with a very deadly Burst Damage. Then, who are X.Borg's hero counters?

5 Hero Counter X.Borg on Mobile Legends.

As a result, the other hero users are made dizzy seven around with the presence of X.Borg.
This time I will discuss the list of hero counters for X.Borg. Guaranteed these heroes can reduce the power of X.Borg. Anyone? Come, see below.

1. Kadita

This hero who specializes in Mage certainly cannot be underestimated because of his skill line which is capable of dealing great damage to X.Borg.

In addition, the use of his blink skill made Kadita able to Dive on the Turret without fear of X.Borg's explosive explosives and deadly bombs that we're able to deal poignant damage to him.

The key is positioning and timing when facing this half-robot human when his Firaga Armor runs out, so his protection and ultimate cannot be used to kill Kadita.

2. Valir

The old adage says, if you want to destroy hard stones, you must use hard stones as well.

Likewise with X.Borg, which you can free with Valir, one of the Mages with extraordinary Burst Damage ability and is able to give Knock Back to his opponents.

By using Ignore Magic Res items such as Genius Wand and Divine Glaive, you are able to knock out X.Borg's armor protection optimally.

In addition, a large damage Poke through his skill 1 will make X.Borg can not escape and disappear quickly when he after using his Ultimate you can Knock with skill 2.

The key is to use the right items and build armor as protection when facing X.Borg.

3. Martis

The Ashura king is included in the list of hero counters X.Borg. Yes, Martis specializes in deadly damage and blink abilities in his Skill 2.

This Fighter classmate is very good in dealing with X.Borg to Tanker heroes even with his Ashura teeth skill that can lock X.Borg's movements if he intends to run away.

If under pressure, use his 2nd skill to escape X.Borg's Last Insanity when he wants to explode.

In addition, protection from the Wings of Apocalypse Queen items can reduce the explosion that X.Borg caused to Martis when facing 1 on 1.

4. Franco

Our choice fell to Franco's hero who had a deadly hook from his skill 1 and was able to draw X.Borg and give a stunning effect for 1.5 seconds that can stop his movements effectively.

The use of Franco's defensive build items and the characteristics of his tank certainly makes it not easy to be killed by a hero who has this deadly Burst Damage.

In addition, the usage timings and effects that occur through his Ultimate make X.Borg you can easily Gank with teammates to provide lethal damage penetration to the half-robot human.

5. Granger

If you don't like Mage Class because of the absence of deff then and don't want to fight at close range with X.Borg, you can use Granger.

This hero with the Marksmans role is arguably different from other classmates, because, since the Early Games, he can provide lethal critical damage penetration even to tankers.

By paying attention to each of his last bullets that gave Pure Critical it was certainly not a difficult thing to bulldoze X.Borg.

In addition, his skill 2 can be used appropriately to escape from the pursuit of X.Borg and provide buff attacks on each of his basic attacks.