5 Hero Marksman that Solo Ranking always uses

The role of Hero Marksman is very important in a Mobile Legends match. Heroes who have long-range attacks and produce super sick damage. The presence of Marksman can be the most important factor in winning a match. However, Marksman users are rarely the target of mistakes by his team. Let's see what Hero would be recommended below Watt!
5 Hero Marksman that Solo Ranking always uses
1. Karrie
As one of the "veteran" Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends, Karrie is known for her high attack speed. This hero can produce very painful damage to his enemies. As a DPS hero, his ability to produce true damage so that he becomes a scourge for enemy Hero Tanks.
Entered into Watt's favorite Hero series, the damage done by Karrie was quite large at the beginning of the match. Especially if you can already fulfill all the items needed to make it more deadly.
"Karrie is a strong hero in the early game and will win against anyone. If you can fulfill all the items, he can also be very sick in the late game, "
2. Granger
Being one of the Hero Marksmans hurt in Mobile Legends, e do n't be surprised if Granger becomes Watt's top choice in every Ranked match. His ability is also somewhat special because it is the only Marksman who does not use mana or energy.
His spam skill ability makes Granger free to attack his enemies. If the majority of Hero Marksman relies on Basic Attack and Attack Speed, he instead relies on the destructive power of his burst damage ability.
"Granger is a qualified hero for spam skills. You don't need to play Basic Attack and only need to pay attention to the position and combo skills that fit. Remember, this is Hero burst damage, not DPS, "

3. Irithel
Compared with the Marksman other, Irithel become Hero versatile. Not only relying on damage and Attack Speed, but this Hero also has a good escape mechanism using skill 2 which results in a slow effect on the enemy for two seconds.
His passive skill allows him to attack while moving. This ability is what makes him so feared in battle. Especially if you've entered the late game. One-shot when the Ulti skill is active, the enemy blood suddenly feels only half a bar.
"I prefer Irithel over Claude. The hero is strong enough to kill the enemy let alone the BE- role Mage at level 1. Unfortunately, Irithel baseball can confront Granger, "
4. Моskov
Another Marksman who was Watt's choice was Moskov. The passive ability of this hero has a penetration effect. You can attack the enemy even if they hide behind the Tank. He also has skill 1 (Abyss Walker) which allows him to move locations to attack and increase Attack Speed ​​by 20%.
Watt relied on Moskov because he was the only Marksman hero who had the ability to stun enemies. The damage was indeed not as big as Karrie at the beginning of the match. However, if you enter late game, he will become very deadly thanks to the combination of Attack Speed ​​and Critical Damage.
"Moskov is the only Hero Marksman who has stun skills. Coupled with skill 1 that can penetrate the Hero behind the Tank, "
5. Layla
Every Mobile Legends player must have this legendary hero. The reason, Layla is a hero that you will get first. Although many can use Layla, not every player can master it well. The mistakes made by the players made Layla often a scapegoat for the team's defeat.
Maybe you don't agree with Layla on this list than Claude. However, Watt said differently. According to him, Layla is a very deadly hero if the user is proficient. The advantage of this Hero is also found in the hit range that is very far away, even further than the Turret hit the range at the maximum level.
The damage dealt by this hero was also great at the start of the match. For that reason, Watt recommends that you should not be lazy farming. All was done so that the need for items to make it a killing machine is achieved.
"You need to know, Layla's hit range every level up 6, 12, 14 will increase even further. Even the turret cannot counterattack if we attack, "