5 Horror Games with the Most Thrilling Aisle Scenes

One that makes the atmosphere of a horror game reap the horror is the horrific hallway scenes that players must pass. With a first-person perspective, most modern horror games make the players feel like they are in a direct setting and feel the same uncomfortable feeling to walk.

5 Horror Games with the Most Thrilling Aisle Scenes

Curious about any horror game that has a suspenseful scene in a hallway? Check out my choice below, let's!

1. P.T.

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What would happen if the maestro Hideo Kojima designed a horror game? Before trying to spawn Death Stranding, Kojima Productions developed a horror game that never got a title. Even so, they distributed a short teaser which they referred to as P.T. aka playable teaser.

This game will make players traumatized and feel confined to the background of a small house. The halls that are made have a very realistic design. Every door that a player opens will end up with strange backgrounds and change the playing experience. Naturally, if in the process the players are suspiciously very large to cross the corridor and open the door.

2. Resident Evil 2 REmake

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Did you play Resident Evil 2 REmake, which was released earlier this year? A remake edition of the second sequel to the classic Resident Evil 2 game succeeded in changing the background to be more realistic. The halls in the Racoon City police station that players find early in the game will make anyone cringe because it is gradually so quiet.

Facing zombies in an open space will feel more relief. Players can adjust the distance so that they don't have to be afraid of being embraced by the undead.

One that makes Resident Evil 2 REmake appear very stressful is the presence of narrow alleys that make the game slow and tense. Especially if the figure of Mr. X appears and chases after the players in narrow alleys like this.

3. Layers of Fear 2

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Can not be denied, Layers of Fear became one of the horror games that have many tense scenarios. Their latest sequel, Layers of Fear 2 inserts a lot of hallway scenes which are peppered with romp action. Not only that, the scenery and strange colors and effects always appear on several occasions.

Unlike some other horror games, Layers of Fear does not emphasize supernatural values ​​much and experiment more with psychological pressure. Instead of issuing creepy figures, they bring up several symbols such as spiders to very disturbing spatial distortions.

4. Observer

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Being stuck in dark shutters always creates an impression that makes you uncomfortable. This is what built the Observer, a psychological horror game that takes a futuristic background in Poland. The buildings that were destroyed and the light and dampness of the walls could seem to penetrate the game screen.

The observer is less popular with games that offer supernatural themes, even though this game explores themes that are arguably very unique. With the shadow of a serial killer going after a player, we will be overwhelmed by the fear of always looking back.

5. Devotion

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The horror game made by Red Candle, Devotion became the latest release which succeeded in providing a very memorable horror game setting. The spacious and winding apartment complex will make anyone overwhelmed with anxiety and fear of getting lost. The color of the weathered walls to a minimum of lighting brings a very stressful gradual journey.

Personal story themes also make Devotion to have a slight impression. The signs on the walls to the items scattered in the games rooms form quite complicated narrative patterns. Trying to understand the fragments of the story in it is a good vehicle to make players follow the game.