5 Items You Must Have in a Backpack

As one of the battle royale games, looting is one of the things that you must do at PUBG. Before going down to the battlefield, the characters you play don't have any equipment at all. With looting, you can make your character ready for battle.

5 Items You Must Have in a Backpack

In order to accommodate the results of the loot, you certainly need a backpack. The higher the backpack level, then you can hold more items. However, not everyone can find a level 3 backpack when fighting. If you only find level 1 or 2 bags, you should know what items are the priority.

1. Med Kit or First Aid Kit

By carrying out the battle royale genre, you will not find a respawn system in PUBG. That is why health point enhancer items (HP) are very important for you to keep in your backpack. If you are lucky to find it, keep the Med Kit as much as possible. No matter how thin your cellphone is, that item can fill your cellphone fully.

Unfortunately, Med Kit is one item that is difficult to obtain because of the small amount. As an alternative, collect as many First Aid Kits in your backpack. It's not as great as Med Kit, but First Aid Kit can fill up more than half of your HP.

2. Adrenaline Syringe or Painkiller

If you use a First Aid Kit or Bandage to replenish your cellphone, you need an item booster to make your cellphone completely full. One of the booster items that you must keep in your backpack is Adrenaline Syringe. In addition to increasing HP, this item can also make your character run faster.

Like Med Kit, Adrenaline Syringe is also difficult for you to find. Instead, you can collect Painkiller in a backpack. Although not as good as Adrenaline Syringe, Painkiller also has an effect that will greatly help your character's stamina.

3. 4x Scope

When fighting in PUBG, you don't only face close combat. That is why you need a scope to be able to shoot enemies that are quite far from view. There are various types of scopes to choose from. However, prioritize storing 4x scope in your backpack.

Why 4x scope? You see, this scope can be installed in almost all weapons in PUBG. Besides being able to be mounted on any weapon, the scope range of this type is also very sufficient to be used in medium and long-range battles.

4. Bullets 5.56 mm

Assault rifle is one type of weapon that is a favorite of most PUBG players. Most of these weapons use 5.56 mm bullets. Assault rifles are pretty easy to find, but you don't find many 5.56 mm bullets on the map, especially if you play in squad mode.

That's why you have to store 5.56 mm bullets in your backpack, even though you don't have the weapon yet. Even if you finally decide not to use the 5.56 mm bullet gun, keep the bullet. Rest assured, one day your squad teammates will definitely ask for the availability of this bullet.

5. Grenades

In addition to the weapons you normally carry, you can also use grenades to defeat the enemy. There are three types of grenades that you can find at PUBG, namely Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, and Molotov Cocktail.

Even though the damaging effect produced by the grenade is quite large, you can use the grenade to outwit the enemy. By throwing grenades to a certain location, you can lure enemies to get out of hiding, then aim at them.