5 Most OP Buffs in Dota Underlords

Buff or Global Items in Dota Underlords are one of the distinguishing features of this game with Auto Chess or other auto-battler games. In each round of monsters, players will get a chance to win buffs that have different functions.

5 Most OP Buffs in Dota Underlords

The presence of the buff in Dota Underlords has a significant influence on the player's pawn play. So you can aim at buffs that appear strong, see my choices below!

1. Embarrassment of Riches

For buff sizes in Tier 1, Embarrassment of Riches can give players the opportunity to get additional buff options in each round of monsters. This way, the higher the chance that players can collect the buff they are after in the next round. The embarrassment of Riches should be a priority if you happen to get it in the first three rounds of monsters.

2. Desperate Measures

Towards the end of the game, many items in Tier 5 will encourage each pawn's abilities. But, if you happen to get Desperate Measures, don't compromise on taking this buff. Because Desperate Measures can add a percentage of damage every pawn we have.

The amount increases with each underlord we are exposed to damage. If you happen to be losing, Desperate Measures can ensure a comeback at the end of the game!

3. Smugglers

In addition to Embarrassment of Riches, players can get a higher level buff each round of monsters by taking Smugglers. In contrast to the Criminal Higher Class buff which can add a percentage of rare pawns, later players can be harmed if pawns in the bottom order don't appear. By increasing the chance of getting a higher buff, the percentage of items or larger buffs is very profitable.

4. Soul-Sucking Siphon

If there is a racial buff that is most useful, additional lifestyle for Warlocks is arguably very overpowered. Although the lifestyle mechanism was changed, it turns out that with this buff the Warlock can get a Lifesteal Spell that is very useful. Just look at the ability of Alchemist if you get this buff and add Radiance.

5. Expanded Roster

If you feel 10 pawns aren't enough, just take Expanded Roster towards the end of the game. This buff will add one additional pawn that can be used by players. In this way, players can complete the best synergy. It is highly recommended to take this buff if you really have one key pawn to add synergy to the 11th pawn.

6. Vicious Intent

Towards the end of the game, the amount of damage can make enemies immediately lose in important rounds. By taking the Vicious Intent, the pawn and additional characters that appear from the summon can be very large. If you happen to play Druids and Savages who have many summon characters, this addition can ensure victory.

7. Forged in Battle

In addition to Warlock, additional buffs belonging to the Brawny race appear very overpowered. If you can get this buff at the beginning of the game, the Ax or Juggernaut that you use can get additional health of 50 for each pawn that is killed.

This way, over time the Brawny character will appear very tanky. It is strongly recommended to use Ax, Juggernaut, or Beastmaster because Disruptor appears at the end of the game and is not too profitable.