5 Nostalgic Moments in World of Dragon Nest

Soon, MMORPG lovers will come to the title of the new game, World of Dragon Nest. This game that has distributed closed beta test (CBT) in private looks very promising. WoDN will combine many aspects of the mobile adaptation and their Dragon Nest game which was released on the PC platform.

World of Dragon Nest

By bringing a new adventure, of course, this game will be presenting nostalgia for its fans. Curious about what nostalgic moments are offered at World of Dragon Nest? Check out the following reviews from me!

1. A very touching epic tale

For lovers of Dragon Nest, you can re-read the fairy tales served by this game. In the World of Dragon Nest, players will watch a trailer that tells the creation of the world and the gods in the game.

As if repeating the destiny created by Desmodeus, we will be drawn across the world of Alteria's imagination. The feud between the two Goddesses of Althea and Vestinel. The protective dragons and dark dragons arising from the tantrums of the Goddesses will become powerful monsters that players hunt in the game.

2. Enchanting Open World Expanse

Alteria that players will find in the World of Dragon Nest appears more alive. Now with a more open world (open world), players can explore Alteria along with other players. Either visiting big cities like Saint Haven or visiting the peaceful village of Prairie Town players can do in the game.

There are many colored ecosystems ranging from the expanse of grasslands, high mountains, to dark areas that are affected by the power of evil. This enthralling world dish is the most missed by players. Uniquely, for mobile games, this wide world is very attractive.

3. Unique Character Class

The glory of Dragon Nest as one of the most popular MMORPGs in Indonesia cannot be separated from the appeal of its class choices. Nexon tried to maintain the authenticity of their characters when adapting World of Dragon Nest. Fortunately, some adjustments also make the game more interesting.

You certainly remember some of the characters who had played in the first Dragon Nest series. Don't be afraid of the game is bland, in this World of Dragon Nest, the 'taste' of the game and character choices are still quite sticky.

4. Lively and Action-filled Gameplay

One of the things that distinguish Dragon Nest from a number of other MMORPGs is from the style of the game that prioritizes action. The knights will fight at close range with deadly combos while the magicians have many tricky abilities for him to use behind. At first glance, this game is arguably a hack and slash game.

In World of Dragon Nest, this agile gameplay is a tantalizing attraction. With control and scatter of buttons similar to MOBA games in general, WoDN will test the agility of players to set combos and avoid enemy projectiles.

5. Dungeons and Bosses that Test Agility

Being an MMO with a very challenging ARPG, it doesn't feel complete if World of Dragon Nest doesn't show boss characters and aggressive enemies in the Dungeon. On its CBT, WoDN featured dozens of bosses and several iconic Dungeons that they had in their first game.

Some of these boss characters will test the agility of players to work together. Some of these big boss characters have unique and different mechanisms from each other. If you let your guard down a little, there's always the possibility that the raid we do will be wiped out.