5 of the Best Hero Mages in Mobile Legends, Have Great Damage!

Who are the Mobile Legends players who think the Mage hero is the weakest? Or also considered a hero who only burdens the team. Then, who are the best Mage heroes in Mobile Legends?

5 of the Best Hero Mages in Mobile Legends, Have Great Damage!

Don't be mistaken. Not all Mage heroes are weak, you know. There are also some powerful Mage heroes when playing solo.

Well, who is the best Mage hero in Mobile Legends who has big damage?

1. Kadita

Kadita is a Mage hero inspired by legends in Indonesia. It turns out that this hero has a combo skill that can produce great damage.

Not only that, but Kadita also has a Crowd Control skill that makes it difficult for enemies to escape.

2. Harley

Harley is one of the Mage heroes who have a high ability when playing solo. Very deadly.

This hero has a very reliable first skill, especially when used with the right build. Not to mention other skills that can make this hero move around in a fast time.

3. Kagura

Kagura is also a very deadly solo hero. Yes, this hero is famous for his combos that are capable of dealing with deadly dealer damage and Crowd Control.

Not only that, but all of Kagura's skills also have a slow effect on each enemy. Kagura's skill effect can also make him run away from enemies quickly.

4. Lunox

Lunox is also a deadly Mage hero. He is able to kill enemies quickly without help from the team. So, do not be surprised if this hero is often banned.

5. Alice

Alice is a Mage hero who can be a Semi Tank. As a result, this hero is difficult to be paralyzed.

Supernatural powers will appear in the late game. Yes, the first skill can deal great damage. While both skills can produce stun and life stealer.