5 Push Rank Tips in the Latest Free Fire Season

Free Fire has entered its 14th season. Well, who feels in this new season to increase rank is very difficult? Of course, this happens because other players have become more adept at playing. Then, what are the push rank tips in Season 14 Free Fire?

5 Push Rank Tips in the Latest Free Fire Season

Then how can you increase rank easily?
The following are the push rank tips in Season 14 Free Fire.

1. Don't play barbarians

In season 14 the Free Fire players are already getting better. So, you should play it safe so you can push rank.

Because many players play it safe, you should be careful. Yes, many players are hiding inside buildings or something.

2. Landing in a location that has good loot

The important thing you do too is land on a location that has good loot. This aims to have the best weapons at the beginning of the game.

However, choosing to land in a place where the loot is also risky because many other players are after him. So, stay alert when landing and keep playing safe.

3. Always carry melee weapons

When doing push rank, of course, you must carry a melee weapon. Why? Because you will intensely fight with enemies.

Our advice, you should bring the best range of weapons such as MP40 and M1014.

4. Bring as many Gloo Walls

To avoid enemy attacks, you should bring lots of Gloo Walls when you push rank.

Well, you can choose the character Paloma who has the skill Arms-Deadline. With that skill, the bag load will be light if you want to bring a lot of Medkit or Gloo Wall.

This skill can also reduce the weight of up to 180 AR bullets, so you can carry a lot of stuff.

5. Don't shoot carelessly

Every shot you shoot will show your position on the map and the enemy will know it.
So, you should shoot when it is in the right position and can kill enemies.