5 This Hero Got Nerf on Patch 7.22d DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is one of the best-selling games that provide 5v5 playing experience in the various lane with many heroes that can be used to win the match. On this occasion Skyegrid Media will discuss some of the changes that occurred and were made on Patch 7.22d DOTA 2, pioneered by Icefrog.

5 This Hero Got Nerf on Patch 7.22d DOTA 2

But, this change is not so much a minor alias different from Epicenter Major. Of course, changes to the patch this time are done as a form of balancing of some heroes that can be said to be too Over Power so that they can easily dominate the game in DOTA 2.

So here is the list of heroes who went to Nerf in patch 7.22d DOTA 2.

1. Nerf Tactical Combo Io and Gyro

Both of these hero combinations are arguably one of the Meta's which are quite dangerous and frightening to their opponents. Io, who is a support hero, has now been reduced by giving a reduction in Talent Experience, which had made him reach level 20 so quickly that now he will only add +15 armor.

Then, Gyro who is a Hero Carry also gets the same thing. Major changes made by Icefrog to Gyro namely the forced revocation of Buff Aghanim Specter which made this hero so powerful in the battle arena that it had no effect. After this patch, of course, the change in Meta Io and Gyro will be considered by the Team that will make the second Hero's draft pick.

2. Drow Ranger's comeback as Meta

In previous patches and qualifiers, Drow Ranger was one of the ranged heroes with the usual ability depending on the pilot who used it. After the excitement at TI 4 used by Cloud 9 by showing the horror of the combination of Drow Ranger and Visage, now it is not impossible this will be repeated.

The buff provided to the Drow Ranger by its own icefrog is a damage modification optimized through Marksmanship by converting every single damage generated into Critical Damage to the opposing hero.

Surely this will benefit Drow Ranger users in bulldozing each of their opponent's heroes. In addition, the addition of damage that was only 120 can now be 120/130/140.

3. Nerf SoulBind Grimstroke

In the last Epicenter Major, Grimstroke was always the mainstay and first pick for most players who favored great damage for the combined skills of this meta hero.

If examined further, Nerf conducted by Icefrog itself is not very meaningful and only reduces the strength of Grimstroke in late-game dominance. Nerf is doing is Static reduction from SoulBind slow which could reach 30% now can only reach 10%.

4. Nerf Hammer Morphling

Bad luck seems to have befallen the hero who is considered very immature and Meta on Patch 7.22d this time. Although basically, it is only a ChangeLog, it has an enormous impact on Morphling.

His Shift attribute which started from 4 now can only be stuck at 1. Of course, this will have a big impact on the changes to draft pick made by professional players who use this hero.

5. Anti Nerf Nerf Club, Welcome Zeus

Of course, as the title suggests, this becomes contradictory when looking at the development of Zeus from patch to patch in DOTA 2. In patch 7.21, Zeus had been Buffed by Icefrog with the optimization of Nimbus which turned into Proc Static Field which caused damage per second produced by this hero. spurs in the various lane.

Even this time, Zeus benefited from adding +1 Armor. In addition, increasing damage from Final Static Field from 5/7/11% to 6/8/10/12% will certainly make it even more terrible. This might make changes to the pick on Zeus which has a greater advantage in the upcoming Qualifier.