5 Tips on Using Bizon PP-19 Weapons on PUBG Mobile

In the 0.13.5 update game Battle Royale PUBG Mobile, there is a new type of SMG weapon present. Yes, this weapon is Bizon PP-19. This is the fifth SMG weapon that is present at PUBG Mobile.

 5 Tips on Using Bizon PP-19 Weapons on PUBG Mobile

PP-19 Bizon is a weapon that has 99 mm bullets and is only found in the Erangel and Vikendi maps.

Interestingly, this weapon is not equipped with an extended magazine, but PP-19 Bizon has loaded as many as 53 bullets.

This weapon can be equipped with all types of SMG suppressors and can also be paired with Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight up to Scope 6x.

PP-19 Bizon has 35 damage, the same as the UMP and is very suitable for use at the beginning of a battle.

Well, for those of you who are curious to try this weapon. Come, see tips on using PP-19 Bizon weapons at PUBG Mobile.

1. Supernatural at the beginning of the game

If you land and immediately get PP-19 Bizon, then you are very lucky. Yes, this weapon can immediately kill enemies very quickly and easily.

Why is that easy? Because this weapon has a lot of bullets and you don't need to reload too often.

2. The sound that is not noisy

Another advantage of the Bizon PP-19 weapon is its quiet sound. Well, this is the advantage of this weapon, because it can finish off the enemy quickly.

This weapon also doesn't need to be fitted with a muzzle, but you can attach a muzzle so that the recoil of this weapon can be reduced.

3. Terrible at close range

PP-19 Bizon has a bullet advantage that reaches 53 points. Well, this is the reason this weapon is so terrible at close range.

In addition, this weapon can also be used for medium and long distances because it can be paired with a 6x scope.

4. Take advantage of many bullets

PP-19 Bizon has the advantage of loading 53 bullets without the need for pairing by Magazine.

Because there are so many bullets, you don't need to run out of bullets when you duel with the enemy.

5. It should only be used at the beginning of the game

You should use Bizon PP-19 weapons only at the beginning of the game. Because, when at the end of the game this weapon will certainly lose a duel with Assault Riffle weapons.

So, it's best if you are in the middle of the game you replace it with Assault Riffle weapons.