5 Tips to Loot in a Free Fire Let Booyah!

As a mobile game that puts forward the action, Free Firepunya has a slightly different style of play with another battle royale, such as PUBG Mobile. The presence of many unique items makes the game in Free Fire interspersed with different actions and considerations. Not only have to look for the strongest weapons, but players must also be able to survive the onslaught of enemies if you want to appear Booyah! defeat the opponents.

5 Tips to Loot in a Free Fire Let Booyah!

The game starts when the player starts landing. Later you will start collecting weapons aka looting to arm yourself. Ok, are you good at looting in Free Fire? If not, consider the following GG tips from me, let's!

1. Finding a Landing Location Far from the Plane

For those of you who are confused about finding the best landing locations on Free Fire, it's a good idea to look for locations that are far from the plane's trajectory. This way, players will get a smaller chance to fight over the loot with the enemy. You only need to plunge perpendicularly from the direction of the plane so that the landing point will be very far away.

By landing away from enemy strikes, players can get valuable time to calm down. You certainly don't want to be suddenly ambushed by the players and aren't ready because you don't have any weapons yet.

2. Collect Priority Items

Just like most battle royale games, players will be limited to the capacity of the bag so they can not take all the items in the game. You have to look for priorities, which accessories and how many bullets you have to carry in your backpack.

Ideally, three magazine clips for each bullet should be available in the bag for a single fight, if you choose a submachine gun or assault rifle. For a sniper, it looks like 1-2 clips is more than enough because the damage is very large. Make sure that accessories such as grenades and Gloo Wall are always available because the function is very large in the game.

3. Routine Looking for Mushrooms

Besides armor and weapons, it turns out you can look for mushrooms in Free Fire. This fungus is not just any mushroom because it can help you to regenerate blood. If you happen to go around the open road, always open your eyes to look for red and yellow mushrooms.

The function of blood regeneration is very important, you know. You can be lucky to win the shootout because it has stronger endurance thanks to regeneration. Moreover, if you happen to be trapped outside the safe zone so regeneration is needed.

4. Repair protective clothing and helmets

You may not be proud as long as you already have a thick helmet and vest. Over time there is always the possibility that this item will break because of being shot or exposed to poison gas. At this rate, the solution is to just replace the item or repair it.

In Free Fire, it's a good idea to always maximize your potential for repairing items. If you're lucky you can find a place to fix a vest or helmet around the city or pocket a Repair Kit. New items added to the update earlier this year turned out to be a struggle that you really must-have in your backpack!

5. Look for the Supply Box!

You certainly crave to get rare weapons and thick armor. Well, the solution to your desires is just to hunt for the supply box dropped by the plane. If you hear the sound of planes, immediately pay attention to where they will pass and follow the supply box that they lowered.

Usually, the supply box will go down in a safe area. Because it becomes one of the priorities in the game, usually their players will find opponents who also come to hunt for "prizes" from the supply box. This is where you have to be ready to prove your shooting skills.