5 Tips to Play Ranked Match

Free Fire is divided into two main modes, Classic and Ranking Match. If you want to prove yourself as the best player and want to get a more competitive feel, you can play in Ranked Match. Playing in Ranked Match certainly cannot be compared to Classic mode. You certainly want the rank you have will continue to increase, right?
 5 Tips to Play Ranked Match
1. Prioritize Playing Duo or Squad
Take it easy, this point does not prohibit all of you who like to play solo, really. However, there are some things that you might not be able to do if you play alone, one of which is to ask your friends to help you revive.
If you feel you lack confidence, it helps you form a squad before entering the Ranking Match. Try to find teammates who already know each other's ways to play. Do not let you even feel like playing Solo just because you get a squad that can't be coordinated.
2. Avoid Playing Paralyzed
Each player must have a different way of playing. There are those who like to play riot, then there are also those who like to play calmly and try to avoid many battles. If you are not accustomed to rioting, you should use the sneaking technique while Ranking Match.
When you decide to land, choose a place where you don't have too many players. Loot as much as possible at the landing site and try to move to a place that is also not crowded, as long as possible. When you have managed to get a lot of loot and are in a safe zone, you better camp at that location.
3. Save the Gloo Wall in your backpack
Especially in Free Fire, you can find a unique item called Gloo Wall. The item was present in the form of a grenade, but this object did not produce an explosion at all. When you throw a Gloo Wall, it will bring out a wall made of ice.
This item will be very useful to protect you from enemy fire, especially when you try to take loot from AirDrop. So once you get close to AirDrop, take out the Gloo Wall, and get the loot as fast as possible.
4. Keep Moving When Facing a Close-Up Battle
Many unexpected things that you can find in the battle royale game. When you feel you are in a quiet area, uh, suddenly an enemy appears very close to you. If you are in this situation, try not to be quiet when facing it.
The important thing you must do when meeting with close-range enemies is to keep moving. Make enemies difficult when aiming at you guys. In addition, you also need to be trained to be able to shoot while moving. Once you shoot in silence, you can become easy targets for the enemy.
5. Cars Can Be Shelter
Vehicles aren't only useful when you want to move from one place to another. You can also use the vehicle as a shelter, especially when the safe zone leads to an open place.
Fighting in an open area is not an easy matter. The thing is, you guys will have trouble finding a place to hide. If you are in this situation, all you have to do is use the vehicle to hide behind it. Try to take cover on damaged vehicles so they don't explode when the enemy is firing at you.