5 Tips to Survive in the Late Game

As long as you choose the right location and can collect loot as soon as possible, you can easily pass the early PUBG game. Even though you have to face 90 players, at least you can still hide in various places because the map hasn't narrowed.

5 Tips to Survive in the Late Game

Once you enter the top 20, the intensity of the battle will also increase, coupled with an increasingly narrow map area. Your chance to meet the enemy is even greater. Just a small step, the enemy can easily defeat you.

1. Don't Use Vehicles

When you are far from the safe zone, the vehicle can be a savior for you without having to spend time on foot. The situation is usually faced by you in the early or mid-game. But in the late game, you should not use vehicles to travel.

Once you start the car engine, the sound of the engine can be heard by other players. The enemy can also track your whereabouts and can just finish you off. If you really have to use a vehicle, it's better to stop at the border and enter the zone by running.

2. Make sure the HP is always full

When entering late game, make sure your cellphone is always in full condition. Well, this point really depends on what you do in the early game. That is why you have to collect a variety of cellphone fillers, such as First Aid Kit, Med Kit, Painkiller, and Energy Drink, as much as possible at the beginning of the game. Your chance to survive the battle will be even greater.

3. Find the Right Location to Hide

Since the map will be narrower and make your space more limited, finding shelter is a step that you must take in the late game. You can use houses, stones, trees or bushes for cover. Try to find a place that can protect you from various angles. Once you find the right location, you can protect yourself, while aiming at enemies more safely.

4. Be careful when moving

Running around from one place to another is certainly highly recommended when you are still in the early game. But in late games, try not to make frequent movements. You see, the enemy has been hiding a lot in this phase and you don't know their whereabouts.

Therefore, many hide in the early game phase. Move when absolutely necessary, like running toward the safe zone. When running, look for a route that provides a variety of things that can hide your existence, such as rocks or trees.

5. Don't Hurry Take Enemy Loot

After you defeat the enemy, they will turn into a chest containing various items. Taking out the enemy loot that you managed to defeat certainly looks tempting, right? However, you don't need to rush to finish off enemy loot when you are in the late game.

When you defeat the enemy, keep hiding and don't approach the loot. Your shots will certainly attract the attention of other enemies who still survive. Wait a few moments and let the other players approach the enemy loot that you defeated. Once other enemies are seen, you can immediately finish them off.