( FREE FIRE ) 5 Ways to Play for Beginner Players

In November 2017, Garena finally presented the experience of playing battle royale on a mobile device by releasing Free Fire. this game has accompanied mobile gamers for almost two years.


Although it's been released long enough, of course not everyone has felt the excitement of Free Fire. Some of you may not have tried this game long. Well, if you are a new Free Fire player, here are various tips that you should do in this game!

1. Don't land in crowded places

as a new player, of course, you have a lot to learn in Free Fire. Experienced confusion when early playing this game has become commonplace. You also need time to understand how to play this game.

One way you can freely learn how to play on Free Fire is to choose a quiet landing location. You see, you don't need to worry if you meet the enemy too quickly while you are still confused controlling the character. In addition, you can also collect as much loot in a quiet place.

2. Collect Important Items

Looting is one of the important elements in the battle royale game, including Free Fire. By gathering various items, you can be better prepared to fight on the battlefield. Now, so that the looting activity is getting maximum, you are required to find a bag first to accommodate various items that you collect.

Unfortunately, not all players can find level 3 or level 4 bags while on the battlefield. Therefore, you must be able to sort out which items you need to save or not. Don't fill your bags with items that you don't really need.

3. Maintain communication with teammates

Like the battle royale in general, Free Fire can be played in three modes, namely solo, duo, and squad. When you choose to play in duo or squad mode, cooperation and coordination with teammates will certainly be an important key to being able to win "Booyah" in this game.

To maximize communication with teammates, you can use the voice chat feature in Free Fire. Compared to the chat feature, coordination between teammates can be clearly described via voice chat. You don't even have to bother typing to communicate with teammates.

4. Don't Lust Beat Your Opponents

For new players, understanding how to master weapons and how to shoot certainly takes time. Now, one thing you need to remember. The main key to the battle royale game is that you must survive, not make as many kills as possible.

If you feel unsure of shooting ability, you should avoid playing riot throughout the game. Perform camping techniques and hide as well as possible so that the enemy is not easily found. In fact, you can achieve "Booyah", you know, even if you don't kill a lot.

5. Use Stones and Trees to Hide

To avoid enemies, you must definitely find a place to hide. However, the safety zone does not always direct you to a location that provides a lot of hiding places. There are times when the safe zone directs you to open land.

If directed at open land, you can use rocks and trees to hide. However, keep in mind. You should always watch around when hiding on these objects. You see, your entire body will not be fully closed if hiding in rocks and trees.