5 Weak Pawns that Never Work on Auto Chess!

As a strategy game, Auto Chess has a large selection of pawn characters that players must sort. Some of them have capable abilities while others arguably appear weak. I was so weak, it's good you don't have to buy these pawns to use.

5 Weak Pawns that Never Work on Auto Chess!

Besides having weak abilities, the synergy they create is also difficult to develop. Curious what pawns that appear less bright in Auto Chess?

1. Soul Breaker

The first is the pawn Soul Breaker, the combined character of Goblin and Assassin who turns thin and very easy to die in battle. Because goblin synergy has a significant effect on the 3/6 pawn, it's very difficult to play this synergy if you don't commit from the start.

This pawn has a skill that is not useful because the damage is very bearable. When playing Assassin, you are advised to replace this pawn in the middle of the game!

2. Water Spirit

Again, the Assassin class has arguably some of the weakest pawns in the game. Now, Water Spirit has little damage and slow attack speed in the game. For the size of the Assassin, this pawn does not have a significant impact if it releases its ability.

By comparison, the Lord of Sand has the same mechanics as Water Spirit, but the effect has a stun. Therefore, if you can choose you are advised to choose the Lord of Sand over this pawn.

3. Skull Hunter

A pawn with a Hunter class usually has a very far attack range. However, Skull Hunter attacks at close range.

This pawn with the Caveman race is actually more suitable for playing Warrior, but because of its nature as a DPS, this pawn isn't too tanky. With this troubling status, Skull Hunter is arguably not very effective as a tank or DPS.

4. Swordman

Caveman's synergy indeed seems weak. However, unlike the Red Ax, Swordsman has a smaller status for the size of a Warrior.

Moreover, this pawn actually has the ability to DPS because its ability lasts an area and has considerable damage. Because it is positioned in front, Swordsman usually ends very briefly in front of the nukers.

5. Dark Spirit

Indeed, all the legendary pawns can be said to have the ability of GG. However, the Dark Spirit has the ability to make it glow less.

Although it gives an area and DPS effect, it turns out the level of damage caused by this pawn is very small. Moreover, the frequency for issuing abilities is arguably very slow. If it is not used to complement the Spirit or Warlock race synergy, this pawn will not shine.