7 Best Action Shooter Games that Test Agility

Shooter-themed games always offer captivating action for the players. Not infrequently this challenge becomes the attraction that is always addictive. Many action shooter game titles will test the agility of the player. Some of them even become a classic series that is always waiting for every new installation comes out.

7 Best Action Shooter Games that Test Agility

Intrigued by any action shooter themed game that is very challenging? Check out the following choices, yes!

1. Doom

Since the era of PC games in the 1980s, Doom has been a pioneer of legendary shooting games. With the theme of metal music, the players will test adrenaline to eradicate monsters that appear endlessly at every level of the game. With big weapons that are very destructive, the Doom series is the title of a very legendary shooting game!

2. Wolfenstein

Together with Doom, a game made by MachineGames, Wolfenstein became an exciting title. Taking the enemy character of the Nazis who won the war, this game combines science fiction and alternative history that is compelling storytelling. Not infrequently many high-ranking Nazi officer characters have the latest weapons in this game!

3. Overwatch

Don't want to be left behind, Blizzard Entertainment, which is more fond of working on strategy-themed games, has created the action shooter game, Overwatch. So one of the FPS who succeeded in making a franchise league, this game combines teamwork coupled with individual abilities. Every character and game makes Overwatch an action-packed multiplayer shooter game.

4. Rage

As the name suggests, Rage combines automotive and adrenaline. In their last sequel to Rage 2, id Software is increasingly working on a very long battle and adventure scenario. One characteristic that is maintained in this series is a combo that makes every action more memorable shooting!

5. Titanfall

Fly into free space and eliminate the violent aliens to be served throughout the Titanfall series. Electronic Arts even released a spin-off themed battle royale titled Apex Legends which successfully enlivened the market. With the latest weapons and very large armor, this game always presents a classy, ​​solid action.

6. Destiny

What happens if the action shooter meets massive online multiplayer? Bungee managed to combine the open world with an attractive style of play. Every modification that the player uses in the character also influences the playing mechanism. Thanks to this fairly detailed development, Destiny received many awards and the number of players continued to increase over time.

7. Sunset Overdrive

So one of the exclusive games for the Xbox, Sunset Overdrive developed by Insomniac managed to combine gunfire with extreme sports such as roller skates and skateboards. This game will test the agility of players passing quickly while directing shots. With enemies that appear, cartoonists, this game provides a very colorful battle!