7 Exciting Card Themed Android Games!

The presence of increasingly sophisticated smartphones supports the development of mobile games. Card-themed games, for example, have good momentum to come closer to the players. Although not as popular as the MOBA game or battle royale, the competitive element in it will make anyone try to be the best.
 7 Exciting Card Themed Android Games!
In addition to collecting cards, in the game, there is always an interesting possibility to create interactions between players that are fun to play. Intrigued by the titles of the best card games that you can play on the Android platform.
1. Hearthstone
Since being released in 2014, this game made by Blizzard has become one of the most promising collectible card games (CCG). Every year the developer Hearthstone always gives periodic updates and additional cards that make the game very diverse. A good decision from Blizzard to bring this game down to the mobile platform so that players can freely repeat the game.
2. Clash Royale
Who doesn't know Clash of Clans? The developer and publisher, Supercell, has the precision to make variations of the action card game titled Clash Royale which is very exciting. As if players can turn on their cards to fight, this game is so competitive that it becomes one of the games that is competed in prestigious events like the Asian Games.
3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
When it comes to card games, of course, the name Yu-Gi-Oh is already familiar. Konami released Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links that managed to attract the attention of many fans of this game on various platforms. Players on mobile platforms can also challenge players on other platforms. With thousands of choices of cards, this game is one of the most difficult for players to stop collecting.
As a card-themed game, TEPPENcombining real-time battles with additional turn sessions that simply test the player's intuition. By using characters from the Capcom franchise, this game has a choice of characters that you might enjoy doing. Unfortunately, the game is still too fast and does not feel competitive.
5. South Park: Phone Destroyer
Are you also one of the fans of adult cartoons, South Park? You can really play South Park: Phone Destroyer who takes the action card theme with a choice of iconic characters from the series. With a fairly fast tempo game, this game will test your intuition to choose the best card that must be played.
6. Animation Throwdown
Not only, South Park, but it also turns out that the cartoon characters from American's Dad, Bob's Burger, Family Guy, Futurama, to King of the Hill come to be card characters in the Animation Throwdown game. This game, which has a slightly similar game to Hearthstone, is quite appealing because it has an iconic cutscene of each character and his animated series.
7. Ascension
After becoming a fairly successful game gathering players on the Steam platform, Ascension penetrated the game up to Android. This game has become one of the card games that has quite a variety of characteristics to hundreds of game cards that can be collected. Need the best strategy for putting together the strongest deck so you can be the winner in this game!