7 Most Paralyzed Heroes in Brawl & Mirror

You might get bored with the format of playing Mobile Legends, that's all. Especially if you already ranked, continue to losing streak. Fortunately, Moonton provides many unique modes in Arcade.

7 Most Paralyzed Heroes in Brawl & Mirror

One of the most fun is the Mirror & Brawl mode which is very chaotic. Here the player will use the same Hero as the other team members and play in Brawl mode.

1. Selena

It is undeniable that Selena's "catfish" will be the most painful ability in Brawl and Mirror. Just imagine if one "catfish" is already disturbing, what about the five flying tails?

Moreover, this Hero has the Abyssal Trap skill that can trap enemies. If you're not sure, you can automatically auto-die if you get five of his traps.

2. Jawhead

If you don't want to be too ambitious and want to target excitement, you can choose Jawhead. Whether it's an enemy or a friend, the sight of the Hero who was hit by his throw can make us grin.

Imagine if there are five heroes who take turns tossing. If you become enemies, be careful of being directly hit by this unforgiving machine!

3. Gord

Most Mages will appear strong in Brawl & Mirror. This is because his ability can be as if repeated with the presence of the same Hero in the game.

Try and feel the pain of fighting Gord's flock. If caught hit by his stun ball, there is a guarantee that the other Gord will immediately shoot the laser at you guys.

4. Johnson

If one Johnson disappears from the map, it scares you, especially if there are five Johnson in the game? It's a guarantee that you will be hit by a car if you have against Johnson at Brawl & Mirror.

Every time one of Johnson dies, he will definitely turn on the shape of the car to get revenge. The game will be chaotic from the first second since Johnson has started throwing his hammers.

5. Fanny

You certainly feel the difficulty of catching Hero Mobile Legends, which is as slippery as Fanny. This hero is famous for his ability to swing from wall to wall.

What if the number now becomes five? Of course, every time a sword hits him, the player will be hit by a sign that stacks up with Fanny's herd. Slowly, your opponent will die if you can't stop Fanny's swaying.

6. Odette

Odette has long been rated as the queen who mastered the Brawl game. Now if you gather into five heroes, your immobilized ability will overlap. If you don't accidentally get caught, you guys might become soft. The problem does not come there if you let your guard down, the player can be knocked down directly with his Ultimate.

7. Faramis

If this one, of course, you can already imagine how chaotic. So the only Hero Mobile Legends that can resurrect enemies makes Faramis a hero who is hated when released.

If there are five in one match, you can imagine how they would be very difficult to kill. If you want to die, team members can easily awaken with his Ultimate.