A Kite’s Tale: The Latest VR Film from Disney that is Enchanting and Touching

Walt Disney Animation Studio made an immersive film titled a kite’s tail, which will premiere later this month at SIGGRAPH 2019. The film is Disney's second VR film which will debut at the annual computer graphics conference.

A Kite’s Tale: The Latest VR Film from Disney that is Enchanting and Touching

Last week Disney released a bit more information behind the film project. This film tells the story of a pair of adorable characters who must work together to dare to face the dangers of life in an unforgiving sky.

According to Disney official, a kite's tail combines classic hand drawing animation with the latest innovation in Virtual Reality to tell the strange story of two kites; a puppy that likes to play with its tail constantly jiggling, and an arrogant, rude dragon. With these opposing characters, they are required to learn to coexist with each other along the adventure to survive the wind that determines their destiny.

"I am pleased that a kite's tale is the first at SIGGRAPH 2019's VR Theater," said director Bruce Wright, who previously worked on the effects of animation on films such as Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and Frozen 2. "Virtual reality has the ability to bring us to a new world of stories, and touch the hearts of the audience in ways never dreamed before. It is an honor to present our film at SIGGRAPH to the innovators and artists who shape the future of this media. "

"We are still at the top of strong new media, and I can't wait for the audience to experience what Disney has done with their second short VR film," added Maxwell Planck, Director of VR Theater at SIGGRAPH 2019. "It was very exciting and it was fun to see the studio and artists who have proven successful in more traditional computer graphics to contribute to the evolution of storytelling, and increasingly prove that the seeds we plant are very strong. "

a kite’s tale is a product of Disney Animation's Short Innovative Short Circuit, an initiative that allows anyone in the studio to launch short film concepts for opportunities to produce and direct their ideas with Disney Animation's support. a kite’s tale will be played July 28 through August 1 at SIGGRAPH’s VR Theater.

With the development of VR technology and the increasing number of filmmakers and filmmakers who use this technology as a foundation for filmmaking, there will be more and more VR films such as this story that we can enjoy, Filmmaker.