Advance tips when 1 vs 1 in Free Fire, Guaranteed to Win.

Fans of Battle Royale games often face 1 vs. 1 situation in the game. Of course, this situation makes you panic because there are no friends to help. Well, to be able to be a winner in moments 1 vs 1 in Free Fire, it takes practice. Yes, you have to determine the strategy to be the winner.

Advance tips when 1 vs 1 in Free Fire, Guaranteed to Win.

Here are effective tips when 1 vs. 1 on Free Fire. Guaranteed you can reach Booyah even if alone.

1. Practice playing solo

To get used to the 1 vs 1 battle, you can start training by playing solo. Here you can train your mental battle without being accompanied by friends.

With accustomed without friends, you will be more confident to do battle 1 vs 1.

2. Don't lust to finish the enemy

When you have seen the position of the enemy, you should continue to monitor movement. Look for opportunities to kill the enemy while he is off guard.

Our advice anyway, you should not attack first. It is better to be quiet until the enemy is completely off guard. This is easier to do than direct attack and the enemy provides resistance.

3. Strategy number one

Determining the strategy of attack is the main key. Yes, you cannot recklessly attack enemies. Set your attack strategy by observing easy movements and determine the best weapon to shoot it.

In addition, you also must have a strategy to escape if the enemy provides resistance.

4. Don't hesitate when attacking

When you already want to attack the enemy you should not hesitate. Immediately rush the enemy who is off guard to immediately finish him.

5. Master the trick of shooting

In playing the Battle Royale genre game you are required to continue to survive by using existing weapons.

Now at this point, you must maximize shooting and shooting techniques using favorite weapons.

In Free Fire itself there are two famous shooting techniques, namely, Jump Shot for close range and Scooping Shoot long distance.

When fighting 1 vs 1, shooting skills are very important to finish off in a short time. If your shooting skills are good, surely you will be confident in battle.