AOV Delivers Ultra HD Graphics in July Update

Like the previous months, Garena presents monthly updates on AOV. Through this July update titled AOV Battlefield 3.0, you will get UltraUltra graphics and a Rune system. In addition, the user interface (UI) in this game will be more modern and spoil the eyes. Come on, see the various things that you will get in the July 2019 AOV update!

AOV Delivers Ultra HD Graphics in July Update

1. Ultra HD display on UI and Map

The AOV Battlefield 3.0 update provides significant changes to the UI and maps display. Now, maps look better with more optimal dimensions, graphics that look real and dynamic, and additional screen animation.

You can see the screen animation using Ultra HD settings. By activating this feature, you can see splashes of water as it passes through river areas and bush areas that move when your Hero is hiding inside.

2. Enhancing Hero's Capability with the Rune System

The presence of the Rune system will complete the Arcana feature. Unlike the Arcana, the Rune system will increase the ability of the Hero from various aspects, ranging from additional status to passive effects. There are four types of runes that you can choose based on the role of Hero and player gameplay, including Veda, Lokheim, Afata, and Humans.

You can use three types of runes at a time, which are then divided into two parts, namely the Main Rune and the Secondary Rune. Main Rune allows you to use Core Rune which gives the effect of skills and additional status greater than the Common Rune. On the other hand, you can only use Common Rune when combining Secondary Rune.

3. Revamp Hero

In welcoming AOV Battlefield 3.0, Hero Diao Chan, Violet, Lu Bu, Zanis, and Mganga received a revamp. The five heroes got quite significant changes and the graphics now appear in high definition.

4. The presence of Tier Masters

Ranked in season 9 presents the latest tier, namely Master. The tier will be placed between Diamond and Conqueror.

5. Balancing Heroes and Items

In this update, Garena also provides further adjustments for 25 heroes. The hero who got the buff included Ignis, Diao Chan, Mganga, Lauriel, Violet, Fennik, Slimz, Maloch, Lu Bu, Airi, and Veres.

Then, the Hero who gets nerf in this update, including Sephera, Tulen, Capheny, Yorn, Hayate, Valhein, Kahlii, Max, Taara, Florentino, and Wukong. You see, they are felt to be too strong and need further balancing due to the presence of the Rune system. Finally, the Hero who gets adjustments includes D'Arcy, Tel'Annas, and Arum.

In addition to Hero adjustments, various items, such as Bow of Slaughter, Leviathan, Mantle of Ra, Loki's Curse, and Apocalypse also get changes in this update.

6. Login to get free skins and heroes

Enlivening the presence of AOV Battlefield 3.0, Garena held an in-game event with free Hero prizes and skins. Just log in every day for 24-30 July 2019, you can choose one of the three skins offered (Diao Chan HD version, Lu Bu, and Violet). Then, you can choose one of five heroes, namely Skud, Wukong, Zuka, Ryoma, and Lindis.