Archaeological VR Museum in the US Provides VR Experience by Reviving T-Rex

HTC and the American Museum of Natural History, a Manhattan-based institution supporting 'T-rex: The Ultimate Predator' announced that this year they will release an ancient VR museum application project.

Archaeological VR Museum in the US Provides VR Experience by Reviving T-Rex

In this ancient VR museum, visitors will get a VR experience by trying to collaborate to arrange the bones of Tyrannosaurus rex in the world of Virtual Reality. And now, users can access this VR experience through a VR headset at home.

This application is available either through Infinity Viveport, Netflix subscription service, or at the Viveport store for $ 5. This application is targeted specifically only for HTC Vive and Vive Pro headsets. This project was signed by Vive Arts, the HTC program to help fund cultural institutions and develop VR installations.

T-rex: Skeleton Crew brings three visitors to the virtual rearrangement of the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs Museum, where they will work together to build a T-rex framework. When the skeletons are successfully assembled, the bones will turn into living dinosaurs that walk and breathe, and at the same time, the Hall will turn into the wild in prehistoric times with settings about 66 million years ago.

In addition to providing a multi-player VR experience, the museum will also exhibit T-rex reconstructions at various stages of life, which include the most scientifically accurate representations of T-rex, fossils, and prints, as well as large-scale and interactive projections that tell T-rex stories that extraordinary.

Welcoming the 150th anniversary, T Rex: The Ultimate Predator will be the first major exhibition of the year at the American Museum of Natural History.

"Virtual reality is a magical world where our perception of time and space comes to a standstill," said Vivian Trakinski, director of the Museum's scientific visualization. "In virtual reality, nothing is too small, too big, too fast, too slow, too far away, or too long to enjoy and appreciate. We will let our visitors experience the most fantastic and exclusive nature. "

Vive Arts have a number of partners throughout the world, including the Royal Academy of Arts London, Tate Modern, the Taipei National Palace Museum, the National d'Histoire Museum in Paris, Newseum Washington DC, and the Hermitage St. Petersburg.

The T. Rex exhibition will be open to the public from 11 March 2019 to 9 August 2020. This experience will also be available at Viveport from Summer 2019.