Auto Chess Presents Co-Op Mode titled Band of Brothers

As one of the pioneering auto-battling games, Auto Chess continues to present new content to enrich their game. After completing the first season, Drodo intends to add several modes such as Fantasy, and the latest Co-Op mode titled Band of Brothers.

Auto Chess

Later, players will create a 2vs2vs2vs2 team in which team members will not meet and have shared life with other members. In this way, players will have a greater ability to win and share a pool with other members.

Even so, it turns out in the Band of Brothers there is only one player who will win the match. In this way, one of the two teams will fight one last time if remaining as the last two players. Even so, the amount of Candy and EXP gained by the two team members will remain the same.

Previously, this mode was present as Fantasy content. Apparently, Drodo intends to ensure that mode can be played continuously. Not yet clear when the official date of this content will be released later.

Finally able to play as a team with friends! What do you think of the presence of Co-Op mode in Auto Chess?