Bixi, Johnson's Most Distinguished Man

After several weeks of not releasing a new Hero, Moonton finally released Bixi in the patch update 1.4.04 Test Server Mobile Mobile Legends. He is a Hero Tank specializing in crowd control and initiator.

Bixi, Johnson's Most Distinguished Man

As stated in the title, the thing that makes Bixi interesting is the ability to turn into a top. In addition, he also has the ability to withstand the death of enemy HP.

Let me not be curious, I will provide an explanation of Bixi's skills and an analysis of his abilities when used in battle areas. Come see!

Passive Skill - Baxia Mark

This skill allowed Bixi to reduce the enemy's HP regeneration rate by 50% for four seconds. The reduction in regeneration occurs when Bixi attacks his enemy using the skills he has.

After being hit by an attack, the enemy will get a sign above the HP bar that indicates the effect of reducing regeneration is happening.

Analysis: This skill is fairly simple but very deadly. Because these effects can be very influential in combat.

Bixi can withstand the durability abilities of many heroes at once. This ability will also be very useful against enemies with heavy manifestations such as Hero Marksman in late games or Hero Fighters like Dyrroth and Alucard.

A little info, the anti-regent ability cannot be doubled. However, you can increase it up to 100% with anti-regent items such as Sea Halberd (Physical) and Necklace of Durance (Magical).

Skill 1 - Shield Unity

Bixi's signature skill is in Shield Unity. This skill made Bixi able to unite the two shields and turn into a top/wheel that drove like a car (Ulti's skill) Johnson.

When Bixi collides with an enemy, he will deal 150 (+ 60% Magic Damage) and stun for 0.5 seconds. If there are other enemies around them, they will bounce back (knock-back).

As long as it is a wheel, Bixi can jump over walls or creeps. If there is an enemy Hero when Bixie jumps, he will directly ambush the Hero.

The ambush can produce 200 (+ 80% Magic Damage) and give a second stun effect. If there are other enemies around them, they will bounce back (knock-back).

Analysis: Skill Shield Unity has a mechanism that is almost similar to the skill of Johnson's ultimate. However, the speed of the Bixi wheels is not as fast as the speed of a Johnson car. This skill also has a time limit so it cannot continue to run like a Johnson car.

Although not agile, Shield Unity can cross obstacles (such as walls or creeps) by jumping over it. This skill also has the advantage of not being able to hit a wall. You also don't need to be afraid of crashing into the wall.

Shield Unity is arguably the only disabled ability possessed by Bixi. With this skill, he can advance to the front lines of the battle and lock (at least) one enemy Hero.

However, please note, the stun effect on the Shield Unity skill is fairly short. These deficiencies force us to use it in the right momentum.

Skill 2 - Shield of Spirit

The Shield of Spirit skill allowed Bixi to cast his shield in the specified direction. Enemies hit by the shield will get 300 (+ 80% Magic Power).

Enemies affected by this skill will get Baxia Mark for two seconds. In addition, the duration of this cooldown skill can also be reduced by 85% if hit by an enemy.

Analysis: Shield of Spirit is the only long-range attack ability possessed by Bixi. As a Tank Hero, the ability to attack long distances is quite helpful to damage the enemy in the early game phase.

Not only that, Shield of Spirit can also be used continuously (spam). Therefore, this skill cooldown is only less than two seconds if successfully hit by an enemy.

Unfortunately, Bixi needed mana to release skills. As a result, we cannot spam the Shield of Spirit skill carelessly.

Ultimate Skill - Tortoise’s Puissance

Bixi turned her shield forward and ran with all her might. As long as the skill is active, he gets an additional 30% movement speed.

At the same time, Bixi will release the lava path when running. Enemies affected by or passing through lava will receive damage of 60 (+ 50% Total Magic Power) per second.

For the record, you can also use the ultimate skill together with skill 1.
Analysis: This skill can be a very useful area capability for Bixi and his teammates. With these skills, he can provide maximum damage to his enemies simultaneously.

At the same time, enemies affected by this skill will get a Baxia Mark which inhibits their regeneration. In fact, even a tanker will be quite easily killed because of losing his regen ability.


Bixi's presence could be predicted to change several battle styles. His ability as a tank that can reduce the rate of regeneration makes it very useful to help the attack power of a team.

Not only that, as a fighter on the front lines, Bixi was also equipped with crowd control capabilities from the Shield Unity skill and an area attack from his ultimate skill.

Seeing his similar abilities, he could also be said to shift Johnson even further. The reason, his unique ability is somewhat more effective and efficient than Johnson, the stakes are very large.

What do you think about this top man who will rival Johnson?