Brave Conquest

Not stopping with the popularity of Lords Mobile, I Got Games (IGG) released a new strategy game called Brave Conquest. Taking a multiplayer theme wrapped in a campaign, this game combines many genres and similar games that could grow thanks to several popular games on the mobile platform.

Brave Conquest

As a result, Brave Conquest is like an ambitious hodgepodge incorporating many aspects into the game. The question is, will this formula be successful and accepted by gamers? Check out Brave Conquest's review from me, let's go!

Set the Best Homebase

In Brave Conquest, players will have castles and other supporting buildings to train soldiers and strengthen them. This premise is certainly very close to Lords Mobile. Even so, there are many other additions that make Brave Conquest have a myriad of tasks that you must complete.

Because players don't need to train soldiers, you will be busy with other activities such as farming and crafting to gather resources. This becomes a kind of additional activity that the player can do besides carrying out attacks. Later, the rewards that are collected will be useful to increase the ability of character or building.

Over time, the presence of Sidequest will make players not easily bored to return. The reason is, in addition to dealing with crafting, there is an opportunity for the enemy or chest to be present on several occasions in the Homebase area. The presence of enemies and procedural reconnaissance makes activities that can be done by players to be more varied and enjoyable.

Strategy Formula and Character Choices

The style of battle in Brave Conquest is actually similar to Lords Mobile. Even so, Brave Conquest has a different process in which troops and Hero characters are treated as units that don't need to be trained. It's as if the troops and Hero characters that we use are cards whose abilities can be increased over time.

There is indeed a kind of condition that players must fulfill to unlock new characters in the game. However, this does not require players to do excessive grinding or gacha. Thanks to the many Hero characters in this game, each person's player experience will be different.

The ability of this character in the game is also spread quite balanced. There is a symmetrical advantage between infantry, cavalry, and archers. Other supporting characters such as magicians and support have a neutral role and appear more balanced. With rules like this, there is no one-sided position and requires players to memorize the same style of the game.

Heavy microtransaction

Most ordinary mobile games have microtransaction diseases which are burdensome for players. Fortunately for strategy game genres such as Brave Conquest, Lords Mobile, to Clash of Clans, everyone might agree that Diamond functions aren't one-sided. Players only need to buy Diamonds if they want to get faster progressions.

In this kind of strategy game, the presence of premium currency is not too influential. It is precisely the player's progression to continue to develop into a strength why this kind of game is addictive. Over time, players who survive will actually get more progressions.

Addictive Variation of Games

In addition to the presence of Sidequest, players will follow various game progressions in Brave Conquest. For player versus player content (PvP), players can test the security of troops in the Arena or steal other players' resources through exploration. Both are still run passively and not real-time.

Even so, PvP content in Brave Conquest is still very challenging. At any time there is always the possibility that your Homebase will be attacked at any time. Meanwhile, Arena will test your endurance and will give you lucrative prizes over time.

More than just a mixture, Brave Conquest managed to create synergies between several styles of strategy games to crafting. You don't need to be afraid that this game will be too complicated because some aspects in it appear simple.

Although released for the initial stage, some features that might be developed such as Guild War to other system enhancements will further enhance this game. For now, Brave Conquest is arguably an idle and strategy game that succeeds in combining many styles to make variations of play interesting.


For those of you who like mobile games that are rich in a variety of games, Brave Conquest will fill your free time with lots of activities. Especially for those who like a strategy that is still relatively simple, the game formation and variations of the characters in it are not too difficult to follow.