Bruno is revamped in the Latest Advanced Server Update

Just watch Moonton update server trial Mobile Legends or better known as the advanced server. As usual, there are adjustments in the form of buff, nerf, and bug fixes on some heroes.

Bruno is revamped in the Latest Advanced Server Update

Indeed there is no new Hero that was presented in this update. Instead, one of the "veteran" heroes, Bruno, got a slight modification (revamp) of his skills.

The update that came with the new 1.3.98 patch update was released on Friday (7/26) at this advanced server modifying the passive skill, skill 1, and Bruno's ultimate.

In passive skills (Mecha Legs), there is no change in the Critical Hit stack effect that can reach 20%. However, there are additional effects which are more suitable referred to as nerf. Because Bruno will only get 80% Attack Speed ​​from the effects of items or emblems.

The most obvious modification is present in skill 1 (Volley Shot). Previously, you had to aim "shoot" at your enemy. However, in this update, skill 1 has an enhanced mechanism similar to skill 1 Hanabi or Kimmy.

That means you only need to activate the skill to get the Basic Attack enhancement effect. You don't even need to aim the attack again because it will immediately lock the enemy like a Basic Attack.

Not only the mechanism of attack, but the reflection effect also changes. In this update, the kicked ball will bounce towards Bruno. It's different from before where the reflection effect is not directed.

Unfortunately, there is little nerf from this skill modification. If you take the bouncing ball, the reset cooldown effect only applies to skill 2 (Flying Tackle).

Just like a passive skill, the modification of the Ulti (Wave of the World Animation) skill is more accurately called a nerf. Because there is no change except for the mechanism of reflection.

Previously, Ulti skill attacks could bounce continuously. Now, the attack can only bounce a maximum of 10 times.

Overall, Bruno revamps will be more effective and efficient in attack. Especially if you see a change in skill 1 which this time has a locking effect. His rebounding ball back towards him can also make Bruno potentially more aggressive when attacking by launching his combo skills 1 and 2.

Besides Bruno revamp, there are several other heroes who get buffs. They are Masha (special skills can be used when the HP bar is full), Aurora and Bane (buff on damage), and Hylos and Tigreal (which reduces consumption).

Well, what do you think of Bruno revamp? Will he be more "GG" and be able to compete with meta Marksman like Karrie, Granger, and Claude? Or will this revamp not have a big effect?