Chess Rush Massive Update Welcomes the First Season Release

Auto-battler game made by Tencent, Chess Rushresmi released a beta version and entered the first game season (8/8). In an update released globally today, players will get a prize for the beta season summary held since early July. Towards the first game season, not much has changed by Tencent regarding their characteristics and style of play.

Chess Rush

In this new patch, Chess Rush added a new Hero named Glutton, a Tank with the Undead class. Although valuable for 2 crystals, this pawn has quite a lethal ability to nuke the area to the front of the enemy formation.

In addition, Chess Rush seems trying to decorate the interface display in the game. Every time they welcome a fight, the player will find a versus screen that displays the synergy of each player. In addition, it seems that the pawn illustrations and level characteristics are also made more friendly by reducing some assets.

On the other hand, Co-Op Mode in Chess Rush gets a lot of interesting additions. Now players can share two pawns that can be accessed on the sidelines. In this way, team members can contribute to forming synergies with playmates. This option also encourages players to create synergy between 12 pawns at once.

The adjustments that appear in Chess Rush seem to be starting to show different quality content. At the beginning of its release, this game still looks similar to some other auto-battler. Hopefully, in the future, Tencent will be more daring to add game modes or features that make Chess Rush superior to other auto-battler games.