Clash Squad Mode, Battle 4 vs 4 on Free Fire

August 2019, Garena released some of its newest features in Free Fire (FF). However, these features are still in the Advanced Server. After being tested on the server, then officially released on the main server. One that needs to be discussed among these features is the latest Free Fire mode. There is also a feature in question is the Clash Squad mode.
This mode can be played only by selected players who have registered with Advanced Server last July to August 3 yesterday. Those who register and are selected to play this mode can try it until August 31.
This mode and other features were released in order to enliven the second anniversary of FPS Free Fire games. There is also the presence of this mode in the Free Fire game somewhat unique because it is different from the concept of the battle royale genre which is the main core of Free Fire. So what kind of uniqueness is meant? The following is an explanation of Clash Squad Free Fire mode
Characteristics of FF Clash Squad Mode
Latest Clash Squad Mode Free Fire (FF) August 2019
In Clash Squad mode, in contrast to the battle royale genre that is carried, the player only consists of 8 people who are divided into two teams or referred to as 4vs4. So this mode is more like a classic mode that is carried in the game Counter Strike and Point Blank . However, this mode is different from Counter Strike in terms of gameplay. Game mode that is similar to Clash Squad in terms of gameplay is Team Deathmatch in PUBGM. Although very similar, Garena provides a differentiator with the PUBGM Deathmatch Team , where players do not die immediately when their health points run out.
The battle map that was used the map that was used, only that the battle area was reduced. In this mode, Garena does not present a loot weapon that is usually present in battle royale . So, the players do not need to bother looking to and fro weapons to fight. Besides there is no loot weapon, weapons that are exhausted cannot be replaced, except to take another player's weapon or a dead player. To get weapons to be used in battle, Garena has presented virtual money which is used as a means of exchange for weapons purchases.
The amount of virtual money at the beginning of the game is very small, which results in players unable to purchase good weapons. This concept is a differentiator from Counter-Strike. At the beginning of the game, players can only buy pistols and protective equipment. Virtual money will increase as the rounds change. However, players can get more virtual money in the next round from opposing players by winning each of the previous rounds.
The victory money that Garena gives for shopping in this mode varies in amount. The winner of each match will get between $ 1100-1300. For the losers get a fixed amount of $ 500. In this mode, the players will play seven rounds to become the winning team.
Gameplay Mode Clash Squad
Clash Squad mode is interesting to play for players who are tired of playing battle royale on Free Fire. Its presence is worth waiting for on the main server. However, there are still obstacles in this mode. Tests on advanced servers have shown that this mode still has a few bugs. One bug, i.e. there are some items that can't be bought, and the bug runs fast. Hopefully, when released on the main server, the bug is gone, and no new bugs appear.