Com2us Releases the Latest RPG, DragonSky

After releasing Birdie Crush in early August, Com2us didn't need a long time to re-launch a new game. Still, in the same month, Com2us released a game called DragonSky in Europe, Australia, and Asia. This game was developed by Com2us's subsidiary, Nova Core.

Com2us Releases the Latest RPG, DragonSky

DragonSky is an idle shooting RPG that assigns you to upgrade various dragons, then bring the dragons into battle. This game carries action features from shooter games as well as neat 3D graphics visualization. By carrying out the idle upgrade system, this game is made suitable for mobile devices.

You can make your dragon very strong in an easy way. Like the shooter game, you can control the dragon you have to avoid missiles. Before being released in Europe, Australia, and Asia, Com2us had first launched this game in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau since last June.

DragonSky's presence in these countries turned out to show remarkable results by recording a player increase of 55%. Seeing this enthusiasm, DragonSky finally started its global service in 110 countries which are included in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

After being present in Europe, Australia, and Asia, Com2us also plans to expand DragonSky to North America and South America periodically. Going forward, Com2us will bring new content and various events to enliven the global release. In the first update, Com2us will bring two new dragons, namely Brabadon and Eleve-Bonehorn. In addition, there are a number of prizes that will be available at the Star Seal Shop and Event Box.