EA Bring New Need for Speed Game to Gamescom 2019

Electronic Arts have already planned the development of the new game Need for Speed ​​for this year. They seem to realize the promise to complete two new games for the classic series Need for Speed ​​and Plants vs Zombies before 2019 ends. This news was further strengthened by the involvement of Electronic Arts to participate in the 2019 Gamescom event.

Need for Speed 2019

At the E3 2019 event, Electronic Arts were still focused on publishing one of their newest games, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. As if not wanting to lose momentum, it seems that this Need for Speed ​​brand-new game will be announced together with the new Plants vs. game. Zombies

Previously, the title of the new game Plants Plants has been released. Zombies, namely Battle for Neighborville. Now the fans just waiting for certainty EA released the title for their latest racing game later. Reported by Eurogamer, the publisher has also planned an online publication first on Wednesday (8/14).

In the official page Need for Speed ​​even posted a kind of countdown clock. It seems that EA is ready to release publication content on this site in the very near future. Now we can expect that the announcement of the new game Need for Speed ​​for Gamescom 2019 will be complemented by a demonstration of the game.

The plan, EA will release this game towards the end of the year. Reading the release of Star Wars: The Jedi Fallen Order in November, it could be that the new title from Need for Speed ​​has been prepared for release in December.

The publisher promises that this brand-new game will revive the fantasy of street racing with romping with the police. The great hope that later this new game title lengthens the story of two games Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Carbon which is very impressive in terms of storytelling and gameplay.