Easy Tips to Shoot a Headshot in Free Fire

Who's the hobby of playing Free Fire? Well, in this game headshot is one thing that is very terrible. Yes, because it has higher damage than when shooting at the enemy's body. Now we give easy tips to shoot a headshot on Free Fire.

 Easy Tips to Shoot a Headshot in Free Fire

Of course, to get a headshot is not easy. Moreover, the enemy continues to make movements for fear of getting a headshot.

Then, how can the show get a headshot? Well, here are easy tips for shooting a headshot on Free Fire. 

1. Target at the head

An easy way to get a headshot is to directly aim at the enemy's head. But, this you can do when the enemy is at rest.

Of course this way you will not be able to do when the enemy moves. It definitely won't hit the headshot.

2. Slide the shot up

The aim assist system in Free Fire will definitely direct a shot at the enemy's chest. Now, to get a headshot, then you have to move the shot up so that it can hit the enemy's head.

Of course, shooting this way is not easy. You must continue to practice in order to be proficient using this shooting technique.

3. Do a jump shot

The last technique to get a headshot is to do a jumpshot or shoot while jumping.

By jumping while shooting, it will be easier for you to target bullets at the enemy's head.