Easy Tips to Use MP40 and M1014 Weapons in Free Fire

Who are the Free Fire players who have favorite MP40 and M1014 weapons? Well, you already know the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon?

 Easy Tips to Use MP40 and M1014 Weapons in Free Fire

For those of you who don't know how to use these two weapons? This time I will discuss tips on using these weapons in Free Fire. 

1. Recoil the weapon

Senjata MP40 di Free Fire

Before using MP40 and M1014 weapons, you must first know the recoil of the weapon.

MP40 is a weapon that has a large recoil, while the M1014 also has a large fire rate and results in shots being missed.

Now, to maintain the weapon recoil, you have to adjust the recoil by practicing shooting frequently.

2. Gun range

Senjata M1014 di Free Fire

These two weapons are very effective for close-range use. However, these two weapons have different shooting distances.

MP40 will deal great damage when used to fight in the middle range. The owner of the M1014 weapon is certain to lose. This is calculated from the ability of the same skill.

Whereas, for the short distance M1014 is the champion. MP40 users will be paralyzed immediately.

3. Target a headshot

These two weapons are very effective in crippling enemies at close range and medium range. To incapacitate an enemy immediately, you must target a headshot.