Effective Tips Solo Rank Using X.Borg Post Nerf

Moonton has updated the new patch on Mobile Legends on August 20 yesterday. Well, in this new patch the favorite heroes of Mobile Legends players, X.Borg, get nerf. This time I will discuss powerful solo ranking tips using X.Borg after nerf.

Effective Tips Solo Rank Using X.Borg Post Nerf

Of course with the nerf, the additional HP owned by X.Borg becomes less and not as much as before.

1. Use Jungle Items in the early game

In Ranking Match mode, of course, you are required to act effectively and read the strategies used by your opponent. At the beginning of the game, you can buy a Hunter Knife that is changed to Raptor Machette (Level 2 Jungling Item) because it will provide additional Stack Damage to your opponent every time you kill a Creep.

Maximize the potential of Jungle Items by stealing enemy minions and creeps in the opponent's territory to hinder the process of the opponent's level. If it's level 4, X.Borg users are advised to become an Off Laner and help the team get First Blood.

2. Buff is a fixed price

Using Buff will shorten your time in reaching Level 4 which will affect gameplay by becoming an Off Laner.

You can replace Buff by killing your opposing team or assisting friends. Of course, at least at this stage, you have made Athena Shield or Blood Lust Ax as protection for X.Borg

3. Emblems and Battle Spells

To secure your position from a team that is not good and less balanced, you are advised to use the Emblem Tank to be embedded in X.Borg.

Why is this important? Using the Emblem Tank will make it easier for you to escape and provide exceptional protection when your HP is below 30%. The Tank Emblem itself has tremendous potential when combined with tank items to deliver deadly explosions to a row of opposing heroes.

To maximize Ultimate, you can use the Aegis Spell for protection when using Last Insanity and Flicker to use when critical to escape.

4. Build Item Armor or Attack?

In the build items that we suggested in the last article, using Emblem Assasins and Physical which incidentally can boost X.Borg's damage with additional items such as Blade of Despair and Blood Lust Ax.

At this point, you only need to buy 1 or 2 attack items such as Blade of Despair or Blood Lust Ax, because by using Build Tank, you will maximize the damage from Ultimate results and not skill 1.

The remaining items can be filled with: Athena Shield, Breastplate Armor, Antique Cuirass / Blade Armor, Oracle and Wings of the Apocalypse Queen.

5. Timing is everything

Use your time to calculate how much Gold your opponent has and see what items they make. X.Borg users must know the positions of friends who need help and when the right time to initiate War.

Always go ahead and use Ultimate when enemies are clustered, then use skill 2 to prevent them from running away and Voila. You will automatically get a minimum of Double or Triple Kill if the opposing team is gathering.

The key is to pay attention to what items and how many Gold your opponent is chasing and surprise you with Last Insanity.