Experience the Enchanting Virtual Vacation with Vacation Simulator

The newest VR Game Vacation Simulator was created following the success of the previous game, Job Simulator. Who would have thought this simple game was successful in bringing players a memorable and memorable experience. In this game, you will be presented with 3 types of tourist destinations, ranging from Vacation Beach, Vacation Mountain, and Vacation Forest.

Experience the Enchanting Virtual Vacation with Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator has a simple concept with a pleasant and relaxing entertainment background, you will be accompanied by a robotics tour guide and can interact directly with it. When starting the game you will be taken to a very attractive bungalow, inside the bungalow, there are various equipment such as food cabinets, bathrooms even you can freely change your hairstyle, skin color, and others.

You can freely choose where your vacation destination is guided by a robotic tour guide. Each destination must have a different set of activities. There are several activities at each holiday destination. If you successfully complete the mission, you will get points. These points will be saved on the interactive watch that you wear. If you have reached 5 points then you can open various other activities.

On Vacation Beach there are many activities you can play such as making food missions for visitors, gathering sea animals and even building sandcastles. You can also dive to the bottom of the ocean, find treasures and take pictures of the beautiful underwater world in the Vacation Simulator.

At Vacation Forest, you are offered a busy camping adventure. Starting from setting up a tent, baking food and listening to scary stories together with robotic friends who participated in the camp. There is something unique when they tell a scary story, in the middle of a robot story can not speak because of a dry throat, this is where you play as a player, where you have to interact and make drinks and give it to your robot counterpart. In addition, you can also enjoy a trip to explore the forest to observe wild animals and do not forget to capture it through your camera.

And the last is Vacation Mountain, in this place you will be spoiled with tours in the attractive snow mountains. You can go skiing or rock climbing, there are a variety of other small activities that you can play from making a fireplace, knitting gloves to even playing snowballs and throwing them at the robots.

Another attraction of Vacation Simulator is the side of using the camera where you are free to take pictures of activities during the game. To be able to experience playing this game, you are required to have devices such as PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and Steam VR.

With VR technology, even without having to go out of the room though, now we can enjoy a vacation complete with all its activities and can cover various places ranging from beaches, forests to snowy mountains, with exotic views.