Fact X.Borg, the most frustrating fighter now

The battlefield of the Land of Dawn is the arrival of a new Hero Fighter. He is X.Borg, a crazy cyborg with the ability to blow himself up and spout fire. Not only that, but he also has defense mechanisms (Armor and Armorless) which can make it quite difficult to kill.

Fact X.Borg, the most frustrating fighter now

In this article, I will give you a few facts about X.Borg that relate to the style and manner of combat in Mobile Legends. Please refer to the description below.

1. Low Skill Delay Without Mana

X.Borg is a Hero Fighter that can do spamming skills to achieve maximum damage. The reason is, he does not need to release skills.

Besides without where the duration of the cooldown skill is fairly low. Armed with attack items and observant playing strategies, X.Borg can be one of the dreaded heroes in the Land of Dawn.

With the above advantages, the Hero can use Fire Missile skills quickly and in a row. This makes Fire Missile the main attack skill.

On the other hand, he can also rely on the Last Insanity skill to deal with huge burst damage. Unfortunately, Last Insanity as the ultimate skill has a cooldown that is not as short as Fire Missile.

2. High Durability

Another advantage of X.Borg is its high level of durability. This makes him a hero who is quite difficult to kill. These conditions make it a reliable Hero Fighter on the front lines of the fight.

In fact, in some games, he is often found playing as a semi-tank. The high durability is due to the Armor system owned by X.Borg. Armor system makes it has additional HP.

Although it can be destroyed, the Armor is quite easy to regenerate with Viagra Supply. Viagra Supply can be obtained through enemies hit by X.Borg fire bursts to the highest point.

3. The fighter with Large Burst Damage

As a Fighter, X.Borg has a type of attack that is quite unique. He relied on bursts of fire that he could produce from his body.

In battle, the flame can be used for a certain period of time. During its use, the bursts of fire from the Fire Missile or Last Insanity skills have a very high level of burst damage.

These advantages make it has a very high attack power. He can kill enemies quickly. Plus, the duration of the cooldown skill is fairly short.

The result, X.Borg can also use his skills periodically in a variety of momentum. In addition, he also has the Last Insanity skill which can provide very high explosive power towards the enemy.

4. Very Strong in Early Game, Weak in Late Game

X.Borg is a pretty complete hero now. Besides having high damage, good endurance, and a fairly agile level of mobility. This makes him one of the most powerful heroes.

At the beginning of the battle, its strength was fairly difficult to contain. On several occasions, he will be very easy to kill enemies and withstand the attacks received.

Unfortunately, in late games, the power of X.Borg will slowly decrease. That is because the enemy he faces has a progression of increasing power far better than him. He will be very difficult to compensate for the game in the late game.

5. Ultimate Skill: Like a Double-Edged Knife

As a skill Ulti (Last Insanity) has very high damage. He can do 200 damage to the surrounding area. Not only that, at the end of the attack, X.Borg will also blow himself up and deal an additional 400 damage and 15% True Damage to the enemy's total HP.

With all these achievements, Last Insanity can be said to be his strongest skill. Unfortunately, the Last Insanity skill not only deals damage to enemies but can also be a boomerang for X.Borg himself.

When X.Borg blows himself up, he will destroy the Armor he has and give 50% damage to himself. So, he would only leave half of his HP after the Last Insanity skill was used.

These conditions make X.Borg is in its worst condition. So the enemy will be very easy to kill him in the momentum. Therefore, the skill of Insanity can be likened to a "double-edged knife".


X.Borg has featured in terms of durability and burst damage which makes it the strongest Fighter in the Land of Dawn at the moment. don't worry. Although impressed OP, he still has shortcomings that you can use when fighting against him.

Its biggest drawback lies in the low strength progression. He becomes weak when entering late-game. Faced with enemies who had high-level and core items, he was definitely overwhelmed.