Finally, Team Rocket Enter Pokémon Go!

As one of the most popular AR games, Pokémon Goterus adds the latest content. This year could be the most important because Niantic finally included Team Rocket as one of the features in the game. In addition to what went into effect today, players will find Team Rocket members screwed up in several PokeStop.

Finally, Team Rocket Enter Pokémon Go!

Periodically, players will find that some PokeStop turns black. This is a sign that the place has been occupied by Team Rocket. If a player approaches Poke Stop, Team Rocket members will challenge the player later. How to play almost the same as the fight in the Gym.

If a player can defeat the Team Rocket member, later Team Rocket's Pokémon will be left behind and can be captured by the player. But, don't be happy just yet because it turns out that this Pokémon is a Shadow Pokémon that is influenced by Team Rocket. Even though they look strong and give off a dark aura, they have a weaker status if not cured.

Reported by Polygon, there are some players who find that the Shadow Pokémon can actually grow faster. Players only need to purify the Pokémon. Later the number of PCs will increase and the movement of Return will be directly studied by the Pokémon.

Although it is quite difficult to obtain and rare, it turns out that the Shadow Pokémon are arguably very useful. Players can look for fewer Dust and Candy to develop Pokémon obtained from Team Rocket. Besides Shiny, the addition of Shadow Pokémon makes this game have many interesting derivative variations to collect.