Free Fire 5 Best SMG Weapons

In the battle royale game, every weapon can be deadly if used by skilled players. Like other shooter games, Free Fire has several choices of weapons that players can try.

Free Fire 5 Best SMG Weapons

It could be, speed of shooting and accuracy so the benchmark chooses the best weapon. The sub-machine gun or SMG class is a balanced weapon that can be an option for players.

1. MP40

Most SMGs have relatively little damage compared to assault rifles. However, different cases with MP40. This one weapon became one of the SMGs with pretty painful damage with a fairly large shooting speed.

In this way, the MP40 is one of the deadliest SMGs in close combat. This weapon is also often relied upon by pro-Free Fire players thanks to these advantages.

However, this weapon is not without flaws. One of MP40's most notable shortcomings is its very small bullet capacity. Without additional accessories, this weapon is only capable of firing 20 bullets from one magazine clip.

Players are strongly advised to add accessories to increase the capacity of the bullet if you want to maximize the potential of this weapon. If successful, the MP40 feels like the younger sister of M4 who appears agile.

2. UMP

Another advantage of SMG weapons is the relatively stable recoil. Just look at the UMP that appears accurate and quite deadly. If you add muzzle and other complementary accessories, the UMP can be one of the deadliest weapons.

If you fight at a close range up to 20 meters, UMP is very comfortable to use. For enemies that move, this weapon also easily follows the movement.

This weapon also has flaws. Because the shooting range of this weapon is very weak, you must be careful not to throw bullets to shoot enemies that are very far away because the damage will be drastically reduced.

3. Q90

Having fairly painful damage, large bullet capacity, and high shooting speed are excellent features of the P90. Being a very deadly SMG, the P90 can really be a mandatory weapon that is stored as an alternative to the assault rifle.

Although the damage was quite large, the lack of this weapon was from its maximum ability. The reason is, this weapon can't use a lot of attachments.

Even so, P90 plain is very dangerous if you are not ready with a Vest and Helmet. Especially if you use it in the early game. Only when the battle has been running long enough, you can replace it with another weapon that is stronger.

4. VSS

Although the VSS weapon is a special SMG because it falls from a water drop, this SMG is arguably less radiant. Having a long-distance is not accompanied by a large amount of damage so that the VSS is not similar to sniper or SMG at the same time.

Even so, for close combat, VSS can be very dangerous. Because this weapon is naturally an SMG, don't expect that VSS can be a Sniper that kills enemies from far away.

It's better to use his scope to scout and use it in close combat.

5. MP5

As a weapon in the last place, the MP5 is less favored. This weapon has very little damage and the speed of the bullets is not matched by a stable recoil. If you use all the attachments, the MP5 still loses with other weapons.

However, for those of you who do have the ability, this weapon can be useful. Especially if it's trapped finding a fight when it first landed. If there is a chance, then you are advised to replace this weapon with a more comfortable choice.


Unlike most other weapons, SMG users are encouraged to do mobility and do pushing during battles. This is what makes SMG a unique weapon when played in battle royale mode.