(Free Fire) 5 Landing Tips You Must Know

Before starting the battle in Free Fire, 50 players who competed first gathered in one plane. When on a plane, you can choose when and where you want to land. Even though it looks trivial, your decision to land has a big influence on the game.

(Free Fire) 5 Landing Tips You Must Know

You also can not carelessly take decisions when landing, if you want to get "Booyah!". When you start the game with a good start, it will be easier for you to go to the middle to the end of the game.

1. Pay Attention to the Number of Players that Falls

Each player must have a different playing style, there are those who like chaos and some who like to play quietly. If you like to play riot, anyway, usually will choose to go down as soon as possible. You see, the possibility of meeting with many players will be greater if you land faster.

If you want to survive until the middle of the game, you should not jump too fast. Before getting off, you first check how many people are still left on the plane. If the number of players on the plane is quite small, then you jump and land at the location you want to go.

2. Go to a location far from the aircraft path

The plane that you are traveling on before landing always runs in a straight line. You can see the direction of the airplane by zooming in on the map at the top left of the screen. Before jumping off the plane, you should first determine the location of the landing which is not close to the flight path.

You see, the opportunity to meet with many enemies will be greater if you go down close to the plane path. You also have to be ready to play riot if you have landed in a location that is close to the plane path.

3. Avoid Crowded Locations and Middle Folders

For those who have played Free Fire for a long time, surely you know which locations are the most visited by many players? Well, you should avoid these locations if you are not ready to play riot since the beginning of the game.

Besides avoiding crowded locations, you can also avoid locations that are in the middle of the map. This aims to make you more able to loot and play quieter. It's a good idea to choose a location that is on the edge of the folder.

4. Don't split up with teammates

One important thing when you play in duo or squad mode is compactness. That is why you must agree with your teammates regarding the choice of location to land. Don't let one of you separate when landing.

You must decide which one of the teams will guide you to the landing site. If playing with people who are not known, you can discuss the location of landing first while still on the plane, via voice chat. If it's compact, it's easier for you to go to the middle of the game.

5. Immediately Look for Weapons So Landed

The moment you landed could be one of the chaotic moments when playing Free Fire. At a time like this, you are still unarmed and the threat of being attacked first by other players is even greater.

That is why immediately look for weapons as soon as you land. Then, take whatever weapon you find. At this stage, you don't pick your weapons first. After making sure there are no enemy threats, then look for weapons that fit your playing style.