Free Fire Arrival of A124 New Characters, Here Is A List Of Its Capabilities

Free Fire game has just the arrival of the new character A124. Yes, this character is a half-robot human who has a unique ability to fight.

 Free Fire Arrival of A124 New Characters, Here Is A List Of Its Capabilities

A124 was officially released on August 14, 2019. While still in advance server, this character immediately becomes the center of attention.
 what are the capabilities of the new character A124 in Free Fire?

A124 has a unique skill called Thrill of Battle. Yes, this skill can change Energy Points (EP) to Health Points (HP).

This skill can make players play bars even though they don't have a kit. Why? Because the function of Medkit can be replaced by mushrooms.

In addition, when the A124 character level gets higher, more HP can be converted from EP.

Of course, with this durability, you can maximize the match to keep doing valuable Looting objects, such as Armor and Weapon which are very useful for playing solo or playing team.

In addition, defense points above the average make A124 can survive in prime when combined with the right armor.

For weapon selection, this character is suitable for using any weapon. Weapons can be adapted to your style of play.

A124 is very suitable to be combined with Maxim's character because Maxim has skills that can speed up eating mushrooms and also use a medkit.

You can buy A124 characters at Free Fire for 1999 Diamond. Interested in buying?