Free Fire Holds Beach Party Event, There are Many Prizes!

The best-selling Battle Royale game in Indonesia, Garena Free Fire, is holding an event called Beach Party.

Beach Party Free Fire (Garena) 

Interestingly, in this event, there are many prizes that players can get. 

1. Beach Girl Costume 

To get this costume, you are required to get three different tokens in the game to be exchanged for the costume.

The first token is the Sun Token that you can get when logging in the game. The second token is the Swimming Ring Token that can be found on the game's map. And, the last is Straw Hat Token obtained from breaking every coconut contained in the Map.

2. New Mode

On July 14, Free Fire introduced three new modes that you can try to play when you are bored with the usual modes.

All three modes offer different sensations and experiences when playing. These modes are Rampage Mode, Explosive Jump, and Brick Swingers.

3. Free elements

Free Fire also offers free offers for players who want to get elements that match their character and playing style. These elements include Fire, Water, Earth, and Thunder.

To get these elements, you only need to check the Booyah Report and collect the Coconut Tokens to exchange.

4. Discount All Royale

This is an opportunity that doesn't come twice and you need to make the most of it. Yes, Garena offers discounts for all Royale Items by 33 percent and you can get a free Wigglewalk to emote if you top up from 14-21 July 2019.