(Gamescom 2019) Konami Releases PES 2020 eFootball for Mobile

The presence of sports-themed games is always anticipated every year. Konami is preparing to release it's Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 on September 10th. After sharing demo access, it turned out that Konami gave surprising news at Gamescom 2019 that football PES 2020 would also be released on a mobile platform.

(Gamescom 2019) Konami Releases PES 2020 eFootball for Mobile

Later, PES 2020 mobile will get graphics enhancements and several new features. Among these is Matchday where the soccer game that revolves in the major leagues will be connected in Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, later. In addition to increasing graphics, it turns out Konami will also improve game performance, especially in dribble and passing mechanics.

In addition to the release of the mobile version, it turns out Konami has gotten cooperation with UEFA for the EURO 2020 trophy license. Later there will be downloadable content or additional that will be given in the second quarter of 2020, approaching the EURO 2020 event which will be held next June 2020.

Not only held cooperation, it turns out that EUFA and Konami will hold a PES 2020 esports competition that will gather players from all participating countries in EURO 2020. The plan, the esports tournament will be held at the final venue of EURO 2020 in London.

It seems that, despite losing several contracts with big teams, Konami still gets a smooth road by acquiring the prestigious world championship, EURO 2020. Hopefully, this event will take place live and bring in a lot of talent that does not appear in the classification of football clubs at PES 2020.