Get Ready, Here's the Birdie Crush Release Date!

After getting acquainted with the Birdie Crush characters, the developer, Com2us, finally announced it would release the game. Special again, Indonesia became the first country to play this golf-themed game.


Birdie Crush comes as a golf game with easy gameplay, and charming graphic designs, characters and stories. This game is about Erin G. Bridge, a young golfer who dreams of becoming the champion.

In this game, Erin will be accompanied by three other characters to choose from. First, there is Martina Glow, an idol who is idolized by Erin. Second, there is Kris Lowell, a rich heir to the Lowell family and an idol at Delion Bridge School. Third, there is Lucie de Bei, a golf genius who has caused a stir in the world of golf.

Each character in Birdie Crush is equipped with different strengths and weaknesses. However, players will be given the freedom to use all characters. Character strength can be increased in various ways but the main source is to use the equipment.

Each equipment in the game has a different status that can affect the strength and accuracy of your character. So, finding and upgrading the right equipment for the character is the main part of this game.

For those of you who like to dress up characters, Birdie Crush also provides features to customize your character's appearance. There is a large selection of customization items in the game, so you can determine the character style according to taste.

Birdie Crush is also very suitable to be played for players who like competition. If you want to challenge other players, you can play in Live Match mode. You can also challenge your friends yourself, in Goodwill Match mode. Then, in 2 vs 2 mode, you can form a team with your friends and challenge other players' teams. In addition, there is Open Competition and Near Pin Competition modes that can help you get equipment and character power-ups.

No need to linger, you can enjoy the various excitement in the very near future.