GG Tips for Using Lylia

Lylia's presence on the Main Server seems to have succeeded in making the Mobile Legends metagame more interesting. With an attacking style that is difficult to predict and anticipate, the little wizard can become one of the dangerous Mages.

GG Tips for Using Lylia

The effect of Lylia's extraordinary power was already clearly seen. In Ranking mode, he is definitely in the Hero auto-ban range. However, the nerf he will suffer in the upcoming update is likely to make it even more free to fight in the Land of Dawn.

In this article, I will give some ways to play Lylia that are good and right. These tips can be your reference in maximizing abilities and anticipating weaknesses. Please refer to the following description.

1. Angry Gloom Streak Combo

The main attack from Lylia lies in the Angry Gloom skill. The first damage of the skill is 130 (+ 50% of total Magic Power).

When Angry Gloom is blown up by the Magic Shockwave skill, Angry Gloom will produce 240 (+ 100% total Magic Power). The explosion damage will increase by 30% each time Angry Gloom is increased.

The most optimal way to use Angry Gloom is to release it in a row. These conditions can be done if we have blown up an Angry Gloom in the battle area.

By continuing to cast additional Angry Gloom, Lylia can deal far more optimal damage in the battle area. Of course, this must be balanced with good placement of skills so that damage can be received by the enemy to the maximum.

Use Black Shoes Wisely

Black Shoe (Ultimate Skill) is a very situational ability. That is, the Black Shoe can be used in some fighting momentum, such as running away or attacking.

Although it looks very unusual, that ability still makes us have to be very careful in using Black Shoes. We need to consider the battle situation we face with jelly.

In general, Black Shoes are used for two purposes. First, this skill is often used to fill the stack of Angry Gloom skills. The use is intended for the purpose of attacking with Angry Gloom quickly.

Second, Black Shoe is also often used to escape. He will return to the condition four seconds earlier and be in a safe position. In addition, this skill also returns 15% Max HP and the amount of HP before being hit.

Keep a Safe Distance during Fighting

As a Mage, Lylia does have a very high level of damage. However, he did not have a good enough level of defense.

This makes Lylia very easy to kill if she is in a position that is unfortunate. Moreover, if it has been exposed to the effect of crowd control that allows it to be easier to catch.

Lylia's weak level of defense means she has to play very carefully. One effort that can be done is to keep a distance in battle.

A considerable distance sometimes makes it easier for Lylia to dodge attacks and read enemy movements. These conditions make us able to anticipate attacks carried out by the enemy.

Optimize the Shadow Crystal Area

Shadow Crystal is an area mechanism that becomes the passive ability of Lylia. The Shadow Crystal Area is the area that appears when Angry Gloom is blown up.

As the center of the circle, Angry Gloom can deliver the speed of movement to Lylia. However, the additional effect of the speed of movement is only obtained when he is in the Shadow Crystal area.

Increased movement speed by 15% (with an additional 5% for each increase) makes Lylia can move very quickly. These effects can be optimized for aggressive attacks.

Plus the ability of the Black Shoe also provides an additional speed of motion of 40%. Lylia will be more agile and difficult to catch.

Maximize Skills 1 and 2 for Push

In the universe of MOBA, the push is one of the crucial points of the game. The reason is, these activities can help the team to take game objectives, namely destroying enemy Nexus / Turret.

If you are one of the players who rely on the push strategy, Lylia can be a good friend to win the match quickly and easily. The reason, the unique abilities of the Hero make it the only Mage with push specialists.

Lylia's push ability is in skill 1 (Magic Shockwave) and skill 2 (Angry Gloom). The combination of these two skills can cause damage to areas that can finish off enemy minions quickly.

However, Lylia cannot destroy the turret quickly due to the low damage from Basic Attack. You will still need help from one or two friends who have a high level of damage and Attack Speed to destroy the turret quickly.


Lylia is a Hero Mage who has a situational playing style. This makes it very potential to be played under any circumstances. Its main ability to produce large amounts of damage in a row becomes an attack force that should be optimized.