GG Tips on Using Dyrroth

Currently, it must be admitted that Dyrroth is a very terrible Hero in Mobile Legends. Its huge damage made it so feared. Especially when discussing his unique abilities that can reduce enemy armor.

GG Tips on Using Dyrroth

Although strong, using it is not an easy matter. Unlike other Fighter, Dyrroth does not have a good level of defense. This condition also makes it very vulnerable to scalding by the enemy.

You need to know, Dyrroth has some play techniques that are not perfunctory to maximize his abilities. For this reason, I will provide tips and guidelines for using Dyrroth.

1. Combine Ultimate Skill with Flicker

The use of the Ultimate skill, The Destruction, can sometimes be very difficult to use to hit your opponent. The reason is, this skill has a casting time that allows enemies to avoid immediately.

Although the casting time is very short in duration, the enemy can easily avoid our attacks. These conditions make the ultimate skill futile.

One way to easily anticipate the above problems is to combine the use of Ultimate skills with Flicker abilities. The mechanism of its use is fairly easy to understand, but quite difficult to master.

When he is taking a swing to release Ulti, we can move his position with Flicker to where we want. The difficulty of the combination is the body position of Dyrroth.

Before pressing the Flicker button, we must ensure that its position will lead to enemies who will be hit by the Ultimate skill. If not, this attack has a chance to miss.

2. Steal Momentum to Attack

Dyrroth must be very careful in launching an attack. This is caused by two main factors, namely a low level of defense and do not have the ability to lock the enemy.

With a low level of defense, Dyrroth can be easily stopped, so initiating an attack launched would be very risky. He also doesn't have crowd control ability so that makes his attacks easily avoided.

Referring to the problem above, Dyrroth must be able to see the opportunity of attack from the momentum of the game. For example, he can kill enemy defender first, if other enemies are attacking the front lines.

Therefore, it is rather surprising to find out the role of Fighter Moonton given to this one Hero. In fact, the gameplay is more visible Dyrroth Hero Assassin.

3. Ultimate Skill is more painful for Dying Opponents

Damaged power generated from the Ultimate skill, its effect affects the amount of HP that is being owned by the enemy. The lower the amount of HP that is being owned, the higher the level of damage that results from the skill

Referring to the conditions above, the Destruction skill will be used wisely to target enemies who have low HP levels (even though they are dying). Because Dyrroth can do far greater damage.

Apart from that, you can also directly execute kills on dying enemies with low defense levels. Therefore, the use of the ultimate skill is better prioritized for attacking enemies who have a low amount of HP.

The good news, the Ulti skill has a fairly large area. His attack can penetrate or not stop after being hit by just one Hero. This condition can also be utilized in a team fight situation when the enemy is in the same area.

4. Play Safe, Avoid the Crowd Control Effect

Dyrroth is a Fighter who is fairly easy to kill. This makes him must be very careful of attacks launched by the opponent.

Indeed, he has the ability to escape with the Specter Step skill. Unfortunately, this is not enough to get out of the corner position. Especially if you have been hit by crowd control from the enemy

 Crowd control is one of the biggest weaknesses of Dyrroth. Once exposed, he would definitely be locked and unable to put up any resistance.

These conditions are actually quite easy to anticipate. As players, we only need to play safely and try to always play in the area of ​​team domination.

In essence, do not ever rush to initiate an attack. Because most likely the enemy will issue the ability to control. It's good if you attack after teammates initiate it so that the enemy discards his skill.

5. Always Pay Attention to Enemy Movements

There are two main conditions that we need to pay attention to playing Dyrroth. First, he does not have a crowd control ability. These shortcomings make it quite difficult to lock and kill enemies.

Second, he is very easy to kill, if he is in a corner position. Both of these conditions can be anticipated by watching the enemy's movements.

He also does not have the ability crowd control requires the right momentum in launching attacks. Momentum in the form of the opponent's negligence can be relied upon as an opportunity to kill the enemy.

On the other hand, Dyrroth who is very easy to kill must always be alert to mobilizing or initiating attacks carried out by the enemy. Because once affected by crowd control, he can die quickly.


Dyrroth is a Fighter who has enormous potential in battle. Its main ability to kill a Hero Tank is quickly becoming a major consideration in using it.

However, the low level of defense makes Dyrroth must be played with extreme caution. In the early game phase, he is very easy to kill if not accompanied and assisted while farming.