Guide and Tips on How to Use VR on Android Phone

Of course, you have an Android phone, right? But have you ever felt an amazing VR experience through your android phone? For those of you who still don't understand how to use VR on Android, here are some steps on how to use VR that you have to do to be able to enjoy the VR experience through your Android phone.

Guide and Tips on How to Use VR on Android Phone


Prepare your android cellphone.

Mobile phones are the main component in VR settings, not all phones support the operation of VR mode, so first, make sure that your phone supports VR mode. An easy way to check is to download a VR application such as Google Cardboard. Try playing by turning and tilting the phone in several directions. If the screen can follow the movement, it means your phone supports the VR experience because it has a gyro sensor in it.


Prepare a VR headset.

Make sure your VR headset is functioning properly. Each brand of VR headset has different settings about how to use it, you only have to read the headset usage manual that you have. Adjust the position of your headset by adjusting the distance of the lens to the eye so that it feels comfortable enough to use.

There are several headsets that have a visibility control wheel to make it easy to adjust adjustments such as the Samsung Gear VR and Homido V2.


Download VR content

You can download VR content in several applications such as:

• Google Cardboard Application

If you use any headset other than Gear VR, then the first application that must be downloaded is Google Cardboard, this application will direct you to the VR experience with interesting features. This application has various built-in demos like, VR demos, your own video player, making videos, touring the world, and several other applications that can be enjoyed

• Youtube

You must be familiar with the word Youtube, some smartphones must already have the YouTube app as a default application. You can download 360 video content from YouTube to enjoy.


Difficulties and things that need attention.

There are several things you need to consider when setting up how to use VR on an Android phone, including:

• Mobile VR Is Not the Same as Tethered VR

In the world of modern technology, we should all be able to access all types of VR content from our cellphones, but unfortunately, that is not yet fully possible.

Remember that mobile VR will not provide the same experience as a tethered PC headset. However, you can still feel a lot of different content from your cellphone.

You should pay attention to the age of the battery in cellphones and VR headsets because long-term use will suck up battery life and raise the temperature of the cellphone.

• Don't linger

Radiation on the use of gadgets is harmful to the body. Be sure to rest often so as not to cause strain and damage to the eyes.